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Emotional Prompts rarely written















If you enjoy writing about emotional issues that depend on your imagination and opinion, or those of others, hope this helps.  Remembering it can be fiction or non-fiction. Pick a creative writing prompt, blog it and post it here, maybe we can laugh and relate together.

  1. How you need to listen to me
  2. Seemingly guilty from a particular action
  3. Do black women really not like white women, why?
  4. Right or wrong, who would you release from prison and who would you put in?
  5. Are women emotionally more intelligent or just talk more openly?
  6. Moving to a new country and falling in love
  7. Having a dozen over-protective brothers
  8. Secrets revealed for the first time
  9. Controlling your anger
  10. How to apologize when you know you were wrong.
  11. Disrespecting the code
  12. Reaction to being taped without your knowledge
  13. Your sister killed a man
  14. Getting caught with a blow up doll, dancing together
  15. Behaviours towards the man who killed your husband
  16. Crying-provokes and soothes it
  17. Realize it’s so hard to see the rainbow
  18. I am vain
  19. Collecting evidence to prove your innocence and soon convicted
  20. The humour when your your husband flew after the floor display trampoline in Walmart, trying to show off
  21. Author you would date and like to get to know
  22. Talk about the people you like and why
  23. When do you lie and why
  24. Frying yellow carrots
  25. What would your children’s book be titled?
  26. Name one charity you would run worldwide
  27. What are you afraid of and the funny reaction you would have physically if faced with a situation carrying this fear
  28. Aging and the humour in it
  29. Dancing-can choose any funny subject here
  30. Is your will containing what you would like done with your writing left live?
  31. Who’s feedback would you like on whatever you just published
  32. writing an entire book in sequence but each word spelt backwards
  33. Could you see yourself in a creative writing contest containing one of these prompts?
  34. How else could we approach the death penalty
  35. 35 What is your superpower?
  36. Where do seahorses play?
  37. What sports superstar champion, Olympic gold medalist would you be?
  38. How do you hide
  39. what would you never sell from your belongings?
  40. Can you sneeze and hop at the same time?
  41. What is your favourite website for personal or business and why?
  42. Your experience eating a worm for $1,000.00
  43. The colour you used with no other to decorate your house?
  44. How would you want to be remembered and what for?
  45. What colour would you change the clouds too?
  46. What taste would you make air into
  47. Your greatest love affair
  48. How to stop cockroaches everywhere to continue to mate
  49. Who do you wish ran your country?
  50. The year you would make today live in and what it is like

Necessary links for all Writers

Writer Wordart

OK so we came to the conclusion I was completely overwhelmed and found promoting my self-published book was harder than writing it.

I wish I could say things are better, but they are not.  However I am making some leeway [kinda]

Whether you want to promote your blog, website, book, articles, or press release these should help;  FREE SITES!

There are numerous free sites to support authors and writers!  If these are repetitive, yuk, I’m hoping each writer will gain something from these links.  I have joined almost all of them and for what it’s worth, yes very time consuming.  But there is no alternative.  OK here we go, oh wait have to plug my books quick.

They can be purchased at smashwords,

softcovers at createspace,

both at amazon,

my website www.kimberlyswritings.com,

lastly authorsden.

I can be reached anytime directly at www.kimberlyswritings@gmail.com

OK now down to what I hope are some helpful free links that support writers.  The order may be a bit scattered but just the same, the link I hope works.

I have to keep reminding myself my goal is not grades rather publication.





for just women; www.shewrites.com


awesome site and spotlights all writers;  www.morgenbailey.wordpress.com/blogs

free word-processing software;  www.openoffice.com  www.googledocs.com  www.bit.ly/cppaPd.com

work at home moms forums;  www.wahm.com/forum/wahms-who-write-46.com

fyi-largest distributor in UK is www.WHSmith.com

popular on-line eBook community readers www.mobileread.com

Italian eBook readers www.BookRepublic.com  or Canada www.Indigo.com

When promoting your work it goes without saying that all social networking is important and if you email me HERE I would love to spotlight your work and send you a questionnaire.

Also it is a majority suggestion to promote yourself with flyers, emails, postcards, business cards, press release and bookmarks.



join  www.facebook.com/readmybook.com



to increase traffic use www.wahoha.com  www.fool.com

www.smashwordsfordummies.com  www.instapublisher.com  www.businessweek.com  www.publishersmarketplace.com

www.answers.yahoo.com   www.lulu.com   www.reviews.cnet.com/selfpublishing/

I Know, but stay with me now!  One of these sites just maybe for you!

to run free ads these are good;  www.usfreeads.com   www.craigslist.org   wwww.adpost.com   www.adleaf.com   www.classifieds.yahoo.com

www.wordpress.com/tag/free-ads  www.publishersweekly.com  www.authorsden.com  wwww.classifiedads.com  www.craigslist.com

www.goodreads.com   www.kijiji.com  www.librarything.com   www.olx.com  www.on-linedepot.com  www.published.com

www.salespider.com  www.shelfari.com  www.sba.com   www.bookmarketingprofits.com  www.usbooknews.com   www.writers.net

www.ebay.com   www.bookbyte.com

Just a note if you have self-published and want to negotiate some help [especially with PR] google; author assistants.

Free ads directory of new books for independent publishers;   www.bookmarketingprofits.com

Here is some on-line support for authors;   www.authorsguild.org   www.pw.org   www.rwanational.org   www.self-awareness.com

www.choice.com.au   www.forwardmagazine.com   www.mbr.com   www.parapublishing.com   www.publishersweekly.com

www.rebeccasreads.com   www.writerswrite.com   www.canadianauthorsassociation.com   www.authorsbox.com   www.klout.com

search engines submissions services;

www.houstonhost.com   www.adme.com   www.submitexpress.com   www.adpro.com   www.freewebsubmission.com

www.toptrafficwholesaler.com   www.submitshop.com  www.alisitcafe.com

social book marketing;  www.google.com   www.facebook.com   www.twitter.com   www.socialmarker.com   www.onlywire.com

www.yahoobuzz.com   www.technorati.com   www.orkut.com   www.yahoo360.com   www.articlemarketing.com  www.authorshelpingauthors.com

I will break here calling this part one.  Please let me know if it is helpful and in the next few days I will publish part two, just as big.

Hope it helps………………




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