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Progress in Procrastination

Image   Yep, to my surprise I am mastering the art of Procrastination.  This all stems from ‘blogging in the dark’ a few days ago when I confessed I was completely overwhelmed with my book promotion.  Things have not changed and I have progressed further into my abyss of ways to which I have convinced myself each day that something else is more important.  Procrastination.

10 Examples of how I do this;

I sit down at my computer to start the process of promoting and….

1-notice my fingernails have chips in the polish and this will bother me typing so I must do my nails

2-I tell myself ‘just one more cigarette’ then I’ll start – my smoking has doubled now and I have developed a cough

3-I will get much more done if I have a nap first, afterwards being much more productive-I have had so many naps I cannot sleep at night.

4-I will be much more productive if I eat something sweet, of course only making me tired

5-Before I move forward I should organize my i phone

6-I’ll just post in the forums for a couple of minutes (roll eyes)

7-OK just one more cigarette

8-I can’t help but obsess over my emails, this my biggest stalling method, checking my accounts and distracting myself contiinually

9-I am going to re-write my promotional plan because this list is messy (enormous plan-re-written four times)

10-I’ll blog because it helps me focus LOL then go to all my sites and check up on them (just did 5 min ago)

*sigh*  oh my,  oops better get to that finger nail polish

What have you developed as a main source to procrastinate?



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