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10 worst Serial Killers, North of the Border


10 worst Serial Killers, North of the Border

almost don’t want to write about these murders as it gives them once again, more attention

I can't help but feel for the family's left with such tragedy's
I can’t help but feel for the family’s left with such tragedy’s

According to the FBI, the definition of a serial Killer is someone who kills 3 or more people, with a cooling off period between each murder.

10 Convicted Canadian Serial Killers

The 10 Top Serial killers , who have been convicted in Canada, are as follows;

  1. Paul Kenneth Bernrdo with Karla Homolka
  2. Wayne Boden
  3. John Martin Crawford
  4. Russell Maurice Johnson

  5. William Patrick Fyfe
  6. Gilbert Paul Jordan
  7. Allan Legere
  8. Clifford Robert Olson Junior
  9. Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton
  10. Peter Woodcock

Below will detail who each one of these murderers were and what happend or is happening to them. Remembering there is no death Penalty in Canada and the maximum sentence for life is 25 years.

Thankfully you can convict a serial killer with more than one life which means they still are eligible for parole, again, in 25 years regardless.

1. Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka

Paul Bernardo (and Karla Homolka)

Also known now as Ken and Barbie

Paul was Canada’s most famous serial killer who raped over a dozen women in Scarborough, in the 1980’s. It was only after his arrest for murder that the Scarborough Rapist was identified as Paul Bernardo.

In February 1991, Bernardo moved to St. Catharine’s, Ontario, wanting to be with his fiancée, Karla Homolka. She enjoyed encouraging his sadistic fantasies. The two had already killed Karla’s fifteen-year-old sister, Tammy.   They drugged and tried to rape her less than two months earlier. Tammy’s death had been ruled accidental. Unbelievable.

Paul and Karla kidnapped, tortured and murdered two schoolgirls in 1991 and 1992. They filmed extensive video footage of their victims’ ordeals, as well as the rape of Tammy and another girl known as Jane Doe. The tapes proved invaluable evidence at the trial. Karla quickly turned against Bernardo in exchange for a deal. She served ten years for manslaughter. She now lives in Montreal.

The press went nuts with the two good-looking suburban couple – so much so  that another serial killer, John Martin Crawford, received almost received no press or attention while on trial at the same time, for several rape and murders in Saskatchewan.

Bernardo was convicted on three counts of murder, and serves a life sentence in solitary confinement at Kingston Penitentiary, Ontario. He has since changed his name to Paul Teale.

He legally cannot serve more than 25 years regardless of how many murders and tortures he executed. This is Canada’s legal system.

I have been to Kingston Federal Penitentiary and can tell you it is no where near what I would consider a maximum security facility. In addition he is so famous in prison he gets everything he wants.

2. Wayne Boden

Wayne Clifford Boden

Also known as the Vampire Killer

Wayne killed at least three women in Montreal and one in Calgary, between 1969 and 1971. He had a habit of viciously biting the breasts of his victims.

Different than many serial killers, Boden knew most of the women he killed. Friends and co-workers of the victims identified him, but sadly police circulated the wrong suspect photo. Wayne fled to Calgary.

There, he murdered a schoolteacher. The woman’s breasts had been mauled, as his ongoing trademark, and Calgary police instantly made the connection thankfully to the vampire killings in Montreal.

His trial was the first in North America to ever use dental forensics as evidence, or bite marks as evidence, to convict a killer. He received three life sentences, and served time at the Kingston Penitentiary. He died of cancer in 2006. No one attended funeral services and to this date have visited his grave. I might have only to set it on fire.

3. John Martin Crawford

John Martin Crawford

a.k.a. The First Nations Murders

Crawford raped, tortured and murdered Native women. His first kill was in 1981, at the age of 19. Unbelievable, after serving less than ten years, John was released in 1989, and moved in with his mother in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

He drank heavily, sniffed glue and solvents, and injected drugs. Almost nightly, he spent his time, looking for prostitutes. A former fellow inmate, Bill Corrigan, now a friend, frequently joined him.

May 1992, 16-year-old Shelley Napope asked the pair for a ride. They raped and beat her, and John stabbed her to death. Then raped, tortured and killed two more women in September of that same year.

A hunter discovered the remains of these women in 1994. Police arrested Crawford in January, 1995, but not before he had beaten and raped yet another woman.

Investigators believe he killed at minimum six women, and assaulted many more. In May 1996, Crawford was convicted on three counts of murder, and now serves concurrent life sentences in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary. He will still only serve a maximum of 25 years.

4. Russell Maurice Johnson

Russel Maurice Johnson

known as the Bedroom Strangler

Russel would climb up balconies to the height of fifteen stories. Between 1973 and 1977, Russel killed at least seven women in the towns of Guelph and London, Ontario.

The first four victims were concluded to have died of natural causes. Their apartment doors were locked, and there were no signs of a struggle. Then, the attacks grew in savagery. Police tracked down a Mr. Russell Johnson, an auto worker with a criminal past.

Russel pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to 3 murders. After, he confessed to raping and killing four more victims. He is incarcerated at the Mental Health Centre in Penetanguishene, Ontario. He has confessed to 7 additional murders, and 17 attacks, but has not been charged.  And I am sure he never will be.  May he at least be living his days in a straight jacket.

Convenient confession to being mentally insane after being competent enough to defend himself in the trial. He will not see the light of dy again given his admittance to being criminally insane.  Hope the food is good.

5. William Patrick Fyfe

William Patrick Fyfe

a.k.a the handyman killer

William acted as a yard worker or handyman to gain entrance to the homes of single women in the Montreal, Quebec area. He confesses to have killed his first victim in 1979, when he was twenty-four. In 1981,then confesses to brutally raping and murdering a 52-year-old Montreal woman.

In 1999, William went on a killing spree. He confesses to the sexual assault and murder of nine women. Neighbors thought of him as a friendly, well-liked man. In December 1999, he brutally murdered Mary Glen, 50. Police tracked him down with fingerprint matching, and found spots of human blood on his sneakers and clothing items.

William Fyfe confessed to the murders, and now remains in treatment at a psychiatric facility in Saskatchewan, Ontario.

Must be the place to go – wonder if they all play bridge together.

6. Gilbert Paul Jordan

Gilbert Paul Jordan

a.k.a the boozing barber

Gilbert was the first serial killer to use alcohol as a murder weapon. A s a retired barber, he drank over fifty ounces of vodka a day, and then craved drunken sex. His victims were transient addicts and prostitutes in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside.

Between 1965 and 1988, Jordan killed at least ten women, and most likely more. He would pay a woman for sex, take her to a hotel and encourage her to drink until she passed out. He then forced alcohol down her throat until she died.

Eventually, police linked fingerprints at one crime scene to another, and placed Jordan under strict surveillance. They thankfully rescued his next targeted victim as Jordan was plying her with alcohol.

The Boozing Barber served only six years for manslaughter. He was re-arrested for parole violation, and died in 2006.  I wonder if he had a drink first?

7. Allan Legere

Allan Legere

a.k.a monster of the miramichi

Allan terrorized the Miramichi region of New Brunswick for many months. He was already serving a life sentence for a brutal murder and rape but had escaped custody at a hospital in Moncton, New Brunswick, in 1989.

While still running free, he beat 75-year-old Annie Flam to death, and raped and beat her sister, Nina, then proceeded to set their house on fire. In October, he attacked two sisters in their 40’s. He beat, raped and murdered them both, then again set fire to the house.

Gun and home security sales rose in the Miramichi region. People, terrified, moved in with friends, and Halloween was canceled. In November, an elderly priest failed to show up for mass. Parishioners found him brutally beaten to death.

This was one of the most massive manhunts in Canadian history, police recaptured Legere on November 19, 1989. He is currently one of ninety inmates at the Special Handling Unit in Quebec, a dubious distinction he shares with the notorious child killer Clifford Olson.

Hope they clicked as friends, could get boring when your not able to be a sadistic murder.

8. Clifford Robert Olson Jr.

Beast of British Columbia

In 1980 and 1981, Clifford Olson drove around B.C. on a spree of rape, torture and murder. Olson killed eleven children and teens, and sent letters to their parents, detailing the tortures and deaths. In August, 1981, police arrested him when he tried to abduct two girls.

Olson confessed, and offered to show police the location of the bodies in return for a payment of $100,000, made to his wife. The demand sparked public outrage, but the payment was made, and Olson located the bodies.

Clifford Olson is serving eleven concurrent life sentences at the Special Handling Unit in Quebec, Canada. He is now eligible to apply for parole every two years.

9. Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton

Robert “Willie” Pickton – The Pig Farmer

Vancouver pig farmer Robert Pickton is Canada’s most prolific serial killer. He confessed to killing and butchering 49 women between 1983 and 2002. His victims were sex trade workers and drug addicts from Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside.

Pickton invited them, with other guests, to wild parties at the pig farm. In 2002, police raided the farm looking for firearms. They discovered human remains, and personal belongings of women on Vancouver’s “missing” list. Pickton had fed some of his victims to the pigs.

He is charged with twenty-six murders, and has been convicted on six. An appeal hearing is tentatively scheduled for

March, 2009 in Vancouver.After-Word: Edmonton,Alberta

Following the arrest of pig farmer and serial killer Robert “Willie” Pickton in British Columbia, the neighboring province of Alberta formed a task force (KARE) in 2003 to investigate the deaths of transient women and sex trade workers.

Twenty-five sex trade workers have been killed in the Edmonton area since 1975. Investigators suspect a serial killer is responsible for at least eight of the murders.

Police have made one arrest: Thomas Svekla. Svekla killed one woman, and was charged with the murder of another. In 2007, he pled guilty to manslaughter in one death, but is not linked to others.

10. Peter Woodcock

Peter Woodcock – Teenage Child Killer

Peter Woodcock was only seventeen when he lured a seven-year-old boy into the deserted Toronto Exhibition Grounds, and raped and killed the child. He claims that killing made him feel like God. He then killed another little boy in Cherry Beach. His third victim was a four-year-old girl, whom he raped and strangled in a ravine. He claims to have attacked several more children.

Police arrested Woodcock, a grade eleven student, in 1957. The courts declared him legally insane, and sent him to the psychiatric facility in Penetanguishene, Ontario. In 1982 he changed his name to David Michael Krueger.

By 1991, Krueger seemed a model patient and received his first day pass. Within the hour, he had stabbed and hatcheted another inmate to death.

Krueger remains under treatment in Penetanguishene.

Documentary ‘Ken and Barbie’ Murders-Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Death Penalty in Canada-It’s History and Disappearing Concept

The only method used in Canada for capitol punishment in nonmilitary contexts was hanging. Before Canada eliminated the death penalty for murder on July 14, 1976, 1,481 people were sentenced to death, with 710 executed. Of those executed, 697 were men and 13 were women. The last execution in Canada was on December 11,1962.

In 1961, legislation was introduced to reclassify murder into capital or non-capital offences. A capital murder involved a planned or deliberate murder, murder during violent crimes, or the murder of a police officer or prison guard.

Only capital murder carried the sentence of death. In 1967, Bill C-168 was passed creating a five-year moratorium on the use of the death penalty, except for murders of police and corrections officers. On July 14, 1976, Bill C-84 was passed by a narrow margin of 130:124 in a free vote, resulting in the de jure abolition of the death penalty, except for certain offences under the National Defense Act. These were removed in 1998.

However, since Liberal cabinets after Lester Pearson’s victory in 1963 commuted all death sentences as a matter of policy, the de facto abolition of the death penalty in Canada occurred in 1963, with the legal abolition a formality.

First-degree murder, which before abolition was the offence of capital murder, now carries a mandatory life sentence without eligibility for Parole until the person has served 25 YEARS of the sentence.

Canadian life sentence convictions

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  • Text of the throne speech delieverd Wednesday by Gov. Gen. MichaelleBrandon Sun4 days agoWe are a country whose citizens do not turn back when confronted by obstacles, whatever they are, and never shrink from lending a helping hand to the most disadvantaged, wherever they may be.
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Death Penalty in Canada

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Do you believe Canada should have been able to convict these serial Killers to the death Penalty?

  • 67% yes
  • 33% no

Do you believe in the Death Penalty, regardless what Country?

  • 57% yes
  • 43% no

US Information

Some Facts on the US You many find Interesting;

Who was the US’s first Serial Killers?

The story of Big and Little Harpe, who terrorized Kentucky and Tennesse after the revolutionary War.

America’s recent history is filled with the horrors committed on society by those people we brand as “serial killers.” Names such as Ted Bundy, Jeffy Dahmer, and Ed Gein are commonplace and even school children recognize the names of recent killers. Others are only known by the names given to them by the media such as The Zodiac Killer and BTK. Many modern horror movies are at least partially based on the stories of these killers and several killers have had movies made based on their lives and crimes.

While at lot of people think that the phenomenon of serial killers is new it is really not. Albert Fish is well known as a cannibalistic serial killer who operated in New York in the early 1900’s. Fish is known to have killed at least three children and suspected of three others. He was convicted and died in the electric chair in 1935 at the ripe old age of 65. Before Fish, H. H. Holmes was known to have murdered at least nine people. He had confessed to killing 27 but many think the actual number is much higher. He killed his victims in his “castle” home and sold the skeletons and organs to medical schools. Holmes was executed by hanging in 1896.

One of the first murders which they were accused of happened in Knoxville, where they were believed responsible for the murder of a man named Johnson. Johnson’s body was found in a river, ripped open and with his body stuffed with stones in an attempt to weigh him down. This became almost signature of the killers. In 1798 they were arrested for the murder of a man named Langford in Kentucky whose body was found disposed of in the same way. These are the earliest murders that are known to have been committed by Wiley and Micajah, but some historians claim their atrocities started years earlier with kidnappings, rapes and murders. Some historians believe that they killed as many as 40 people during their life, and showed no distinction between killing men, women or children. It is believed that both men killed several of their own children with Big Harpe bashing his infants daughter against a tree because it’s crying upset him. It is said that Big Harpe confessed that was the only killing about which he felt remorse.

After their arrest for the murder in Kentucky they escaped in March of the next year and their spree began. They joined the group of bandits and river pirates at Cave-in-Rock on the Ohio river. After only a month they were forced out because of their brutality toward captured river boat passengers. It really speaks to their brutality that a group of bandits who routinely killed all the passengers of the boats they robbed were sickened by the two brothers. The last straw was when the Harpes had taken a prison, stripped him naked and tied him to the back of a horse. The horse was then blindfolded and forced off a cliff, both horse and rider were killed upon the rocks below.

After leaving the pirates they traveled through Tennessee and Kentucky leaving death in their wake. In August they took shelter at the cabin of Moses Stegall. They came to the cabin after they learned that Moses was not at home and his wife kept 40 dollars in silver hidden in the cabin. They showed up and asked if they might stay for the night. Mrs. Stegall agreed but told them they would have to share a bed with another guest, Major Love, who had arrived earlier. The men readily agreed. Major Love did not survive the night. The next morning Mrs. Stegall informed them that breakfast would be late because she was having problem quieting her infant child. The brothers offered to watch the child while she finished cooking and she agreed. After the meal she commented on what a good job the men had done in quieting the child. When she walked to the cradle she found that it’s throat had been slashed. When she began screaming they used the same knife to slash her throat. They then set fire to the cabin and left.

Fleeing the cabin, the Hapres encountered two men whom they accused of starting the fire and arrested, shooting one in the head and beating the other one. The death of Mrs. Stegall and the baby was the final straw for the community. A posse was quickly formed that included Moses Stegall, John Leiper, John Thompkins and four other local men. Tompkins was , according to legend using a rifle loaded with powder that had been given to him by Big Harpe himself a few days earlier. It is said this was the rifle that brought Big down. The posse came upon the outlaws camp but Micajah and Wiley fled leaving their wives behind., Big was riding a horse stolen from the Stegall farm and Wiley disappeared into the brush on foot. The posse went after Big Harpe but only Tompkins had a horse fast enough to keep stride with him. Leiper attempted and missed a long range shot but his gun jammed before he could get off a second shot. He traded horse and gun with Tompkins and went after Harpe. Micajah knew leiper had not had time to reload so he stopped his horse to aim for a good shot. Leiper fired a shot from his borrowed gun that pierced the outlaws spine. Mortally wounded he still eluded his capture for another half a mile before dropping his weapon and being pulled from his horse.

There are different accounts of exactly how Big Harpe met his end. Some say he was shot in the head by Leiper and then beheaded by Moses Stegall. Others say Stegall cut off his head while he was still alive. Some say he prayed for forgiveness, others say he died unrepentant. However he died his head was removed and placed at the crossroads that has been known as Harpes head since in Kentucky.

Little Harpe escaped and for awaile rejoined the river pirates in Cave-in Rock that were lead by Samuel Mason. Four years after the death of Big Harpe, Little Harpe killed and beheaded mason and attempted to claim the reward on his head under an alias. After collecting the reward money someone recognized him and he was immediately arrested. In 1804, he was tried and found guilty in a court in Greenville, MS and sentenced to die by hanging. After his death he was beheaded and his head placed on the Natchez Road. The path of destruction of the Harpes had finally came to an end.

The Harpes traveled with three women as their wives. The women were believed to have originally been kidnapped by the brothers and bore them many children. Although the two outlaws had a penchant for killing their own children, some did survive and there are probably descendants of them living today. Many Harpes changed their name due to the reputation of the two killers. Wyatt Earp is even believed by many to be a descendant although there is no known proof

The Harpes stand out not only due to their brutality but also to the fact that they appeared to kill as much as for pleasure as for gain. They were killers of opportunity and would kill and rob their victims when the chance arose. Mostly though they killed for fun and revenge against anyone who slighted them. While the modern media makes much of the ills of society today, serial killers are nothing new. As evil as the modern killers are, Big and Little, Micajah and Wiley, deserve their spot right along side them.



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