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 Girls. We have a gift. Our gift in the womanhood we embrace.

We celebrate our femininity by caring about our health

While finally, whether private or in class, and having los of fun.


No need to say it, it is receptive, valid and normal.  That is to feel silly at the thought of you stripping.

Girls, perfection is not an indication of where you are meant to be headed versus where you are standing right now. We are here to explore strip aerobics for those not aware of the growing crazed workout.

A workout that even if you do alone, is rewarding in ways a woman will truly be amazed with. Amazed at the fun and challenge it can offer.

Don’t take my word for it but do trust it.

Though not a prior I danced in many forms, most of my life. Grace, rhythm and timing were a trait that always came naturally, as mannerism for me. I believe this to be true all because of my passion in rhythm.

I published a similar hub to this a year and half ago. At that time I continued to love my 20 minutes to hour of private learning and complete lack of inhibition. Alternatively, dance fun daily. I say fun for me personally because I have always been driven by audio elements and not visual.

I suppose an example to give that may seem odd is the sound of a turning signal inside a car. That rhythm can change my mood or instantly have me rhyming, it cannot keep me from tapping different beat counts to challenge it, and I love that it never misses a click and is the perfect tempo for anyone with ADD and finds it impossible to sit still in the car which is the hardest place in the world for me to sit still.

My point is I was, despite my past always drawn to a beat. Music clearly defines me, simply put. I despise exercise but can dance until I literally drop, then start again. These are just a few reason why I loved strip aerobics. But the straw… It made me feel more feminine, sexual, like a woman, sexy, coordinated, attractive, fit, talented, challenged and ‘naughty’ to name a few things

Too eager to show my partner my proud continued progression constantly [poor dude]. Only rule I had was he was never allowed to do the pole or I would hurt him then leave him. I caught him once trying to spin just on the downfall, and well, those who know me, yep, pee, l

The Stripping Craze

Strippers are no doubt, in great shape. They have to be for their profession. Whether using a pole or not, these girls know about exercise.

The past few years’ strip aerobics has exploded in popularity.

Cardio Strip Aerobics is an energetic and exotic way to stay in shape.

It’s totally legitimate and the hottest new workout trend.

Thanks also to Carmen Electra’s DVD. An instructional striptease aerobics fitness videos are available. Who wouldn’t want to look like her? And now a sequel DVD. Check it out if you prefer to do this in the privacy of your home. There are benefits of starting out in a group setting. Remember, you can’t get personal advice or professional feedback on your own. Also doing the same thing repeatedly can get boring. To combat workout boredom in and out of the bedroom I suggest you alternate between many available DVDs.

Practice is everything

When I can, I use stripping techniques as a form as my aerobic workout. It’s very difficult, but slowly I am building up my strength, as I am very weak especially in the arms.

If, I hope, you choose to just try this even once, be prepared for a major workout. Be patient, it takes time but your coordination will come together quicker than you would think.

I suggest you join a class for beginners to start in your area. You will also make new friends and everyone has fun laughing at himself or herself and then magically, it’s interesting to share the natural progression as the class builds, in techniques.

Once the sole domain of strip clubs in urban neighborhoods, pole dancing is arguably the fastest growing fitness exercise around the world, and Durango visionary Eve Presser has outfitted Eden Pole Dance Fitness Studio with six poles, mirrored walls, a slick floor and dozens of 6-inch platform heels. She is also filling classes as fast as she can answer the phone.

“This is not stripper training,” Presser says strongly. “Pole dancing is aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise for women of every size and shape, women who want to get in shape or stay in shape and feel feminine and sexy in the process.”

The studio makes perfect sense in the evolution of the modern woman, as evidenced by a volunteer class of Snow down Follies dancers assembled for this article. As the women learned a few beginning foundation moves, hips began to swing, shoulders curved suggestively, and there was a palpable air of sensual enjoyment in the room.

Presser is a certified pole dance instructor working through requirements for advanced qualifications that will follow as her student’s progress. Right now, she’s offering basic pole orientation, enough to take the beginner to levels of body movement only previously dreamed of.

“I’m teaching three foundation moves right now, some with nine to 14 layers,” Presser says enthusiastically. “The more proficient they get in foundation moves, the more successful they will be in learning variations, which we call ‘tricks.’ We have some fun, have some giggles, and everyone walks out of class sweaty, tired and happy about their bodies.”

Participants in Eve Presser’s basic pole dancing class learn moves, or “tricks.” Using the resistance of the body, pole dancing is said to work the core, upper body and legs while improving flexibility, balance and posture. /Photo by David Halter man

Pole dancing is currently the talk of the fitness industry. One of the movement’s leaders is actress Sheila Kelley who said she “discovered” her sensual power and a fit body while researching and preparing for a role in the film, “Dancing at the Blue Iguana.”

Kelley says her life was changed forever through teaching the “S Factor” – her patented pole dance program named for the natural curve of the female body. “I watched other women experience similar dramatic changes in their lives simply by learning to move in this way,” she said. “Women don’t have to be afraid of their bodies or the way their bodies naturally want to move.”

Kelley has appeared and demonstrated pole dance exercise six times on Oprah as well as 48 Hours, The View, Dancing with the Stars, Prime time Live, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Late Night With Conan O’Brien and The O’Reilly Factor.

Pole dancing devotees can be found in the ranks of Lindsay Loran, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson and Demi Moore, and all of the actresses attribute their celebrity bodies to pole dancing.

“Pole dancing works the muscles of the arm, shoulder and torso, and strengthens the thighs, the buttocks and enhances stability, balance, flexibility and posture,” reports Presser. “Take away all the judgments about being pretty or sexy; this is for the average Jane, the mom, the office worker, and all the way up to the competitive athlete.”

Presser continues, “What I hope is for women to add a pole dancing workout one day a week to their regular exercise schedule. It will improve all other activities and develop a woman’s unique sense of body awareness and natural movement.”

Look at the shape this mother of two is in. Nevertheless, what I love besides her obvious daily dedication to strip aerobics is her pride when she nails a spot.

The funniest thing just happened. I was going to caption this video modestly mentioning it was I, sure I’d be pulling it off.

However, I am laughing so hard I can barely spell. OMG if you only know how shy I truly am, you would laugh too. Seriously though I hate ‘erg’ naked. Even alone!  So getting past this seemingly impossible fear we the girls in the aerobics class think are so unique, the more we use our own ‘seemingly’ flaws, and the more we learn to let gooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!


Don’t run out until you’re sure and have a poll installed. Think of alternatives around you or keep doing ground/chair work; The Answer you need is in the dance

Carmen Electra Strip aerobics Entrepreneur using chair

It’s about feeling Beautiful

Getting Started


Besides very few clubs ask members to actually disrobe down to their Cork Stripper Heels.

  • Focus on working your body and loving it for what you have.
  • When choosing a class, stop and watch at least one and make sure your comfortable with the layout.
  • Talk to the CERTIFIED instructor and get a feel for his teaching objectives
  • Inquire or observe it is or isn’t a strip down class and choose which you prefer
  • Remember it is a commitment of a number of times per week to get the desired results your going there for
  • So get a copy of the class schedule and see what you can maintain-realistically-and what rotation the classes offer i.e.; pole vs. floor or chair work
  • I suggest you start with floor exercises and work your way up to the chair and props. The pole requires the most strength and should be left for last
  • Check if the class is Co-Ed or not depending on your preference.

Part of Carmen Electra’s strip tease tape

The Effect on your Self Esteem

Strip Aerobics or Cardio Strip Aerobics’ goal is to shed self-consciousness, not your clothing.

As your confidence builds and you practice in your own private setting, it’s amazing how much better you feel about yourself. You feel sexier, firmer, stronger and again, more confident. It inspires you to show your partner, who in turn will be responsive. It improves your sex life for sure.

Mostly aerobic stripping gave me a sense of freedom that could only come within. A confidence I never had. Shy to not so shy. 🙂

Here’s what other women have described:

  • It boosts your confidence, endurance, strength and flexibility
  • Striptease like a pro while getting a pro workout
  • It’s aerobics that make you feel good about your body
  • Sensual fitness for women’s aerobics
  • It’s a fun dance aerobic workout which combines some basic striptease moves and

Practice with a close friend, I promise the laughter will be continual


Pole dancing uses the body itself as natural resistance, and the exercise can easily cause injury if the foundation moves aren’t firmly established before other tricks are added. Some of the advanced tricks on the pole have seductive names such as The Fireman’s Spin, The Flamingo,

The Butterfly Trick, The Crouch Spin Move, The Inverted Snake Trick and the Headstand Trick.

Moreover, pole dancing has been described as “a beautifully progressive form of exercise, with many moves that absolute beginners can master quickly, right up to demanding poses that challenge even experienced dancers

Like other exercise, pole dancing also decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, increases bone density, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, releases the body’s endorphins to produce a natural high and can burn 250 calories in each 45-minute session.

As pole dancing is moving from the strip club to the health club, its appeal is epidemic

Studios can be found in every major city in the U.S., Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Japan, South America, and an Avant Gard group even on the subways, signposts and lamp poles of New York City is practicing it.

In addition to Presser’s classes, she hosts baccalaureate parties (while the bachelors are off getting drunk in a strip club), and sells portable poles and spike heels for home use.

I wanted to bring you this craze, explaining why and ask would you do it knowing, what your about to learn?

Fitness Clubs across the Nation have incorporated Strip aerobics into their exercise programs. It shouldn’t be hard to find a club near you.

If you Google strip aerobics you’ll find 66,100 results.

When I can, I use stripping techniques as a form as my aerobic workout. It’s very difficult, but slowly I am building up my strength, as I am very weak especially in the arms.

If, I hope, you choose to just try this even once, be prepared for a major workout. Be patient, it takes time but your coordination will come together quicker than you would think.

I suggest you join a class for beginners to start in your area. You will also make new friends and everyone has fun laughing at himself or herself and then magically, it’s interesting to share the natural progression as the class builds, in techniques.

Working it without the Pole, Sexy Baby



Make sure he’s blindfolded to start; he will be in for the shock of a lifetime! Keep working on get fit, then getting it! You can do it!

5,6,7, and 8

Ten Examples

Here are ten very popular club songs you could start putting on CD for when you are working out. Songs/links that are favorites’ for professional club dancing

Try a few of these, we all differ in tastes of music, but try some and take notice to how a particular makes you feel and then in turn, creates a natural flow in body movement; or use you or your mates favorites

  1. Bob Seger, Mainstreet-under no circumstances can you leave this out-and even start stretching to it-game on I give you my word-click it to repeat- OK? OK? OK.
  2. Audio slave; Shadow of the Sun
  3. Eagles; Hotel California
  4. 50 cent; Candy Shop
  5. Akon / Snoop; I want to f@ck you
  6. 6Seether, My immortal
  7. Aerosmith
  8. Guns and Roses; Patience or Sweet Child of Mine
  9. Kid Rock; So Hot [another must-see video, picks up the speed a bit]
  10. CSNY; Southern Cross

There’s an easy mix CD you can make and schedule it to shuffle; if you were dancing you would on average have a mix of 3 songs topping at a ten minute poll time restriction


Pole Dancing for Exercise or Sex will explore pole dancing as an exercise and look at whether it is truly a fitness exercise or just a form of an erotically long foreplay for sex. As you may know pole dancing is no longer just for strip clubs and private gentleman’s clubs. Over the past ten years, many women have started to opt to use this art of dancing within their homes as a fitness regimen. Pole dancing exercise is a combination of highly physical acrobatic moves and erotic dancing on a stripper pole.

Pole dancing exercise moves typically include climbing, hanging, spinning, swinging, and striking sexy poses on or around the pole. Working with a stripper pole tones the upper body, legs, and core. Tara Karina the young lady dancing on the below video was trained by Venda who teaches lessons online; you can reach her info at this link – StudioVeena.com. You can also find a link to more of Tara’s YouTube videos of her dancing below in the “comments” section.

Getting Started

Pole dancing has really become popular within the U.S. and Britain. Therefore, if you’re ready to get started, I would suggest that you do not run out and purchase a pole for your home prior to taking some classes first. By investing in pole dancing exercise classes first you can learn if you are up to the task of getting physical fit enough to maintain your weight on a pole. Obviously, whether you are doing pole dancing for exercise or sex, you will need to develop certain muscles in order to perform the task.

Another reason I suggest finding a class first, is that you can try pole dancing at home, however, this will require you to invest in a good stripper pole. Removable in-home stripper poles will run between $200 and $500. A few classes to ensure that this is a fitness routine that you like will cost a lot less. Then you will need to invest in a couple of workout DVDs or perhaps try to follow an online course. As you can see also by the video it is important to ensure that your pole is properly installed and strong enough to sustain your weight.


Depending on your instructor, exercise gear may consist of high heels for strutting around the room, hot pants in order for your legs to remain bare in order to be able to grip the pole with your thighs. Of course, if you are a little shy and do not feel comfortable initially working out this way then you can select clothing that you can slip on and off as necessary.

How to Choose a Pole

Well, you guessed it just like other poles all stripper poles are not created equal. In some instances size does matter. You must first decide if you want a pole that remains stationary in one room or do you want one that can be taken down and stored in between uses. So your choice will be a stationary stripper pole sometimes termed a permanent pole because it screws into the ceiling. The second choice is a removable stripper pole, which is semi-permanent and is connected to the ceiling by tension. Thirdly, there is the podium stripper pole that does not fit from the floor to the ceiling, but is usually attached to a base.

I would suggest that you research the type of pole you require, and consult with an instructor or a licensed expert prior to making a purchase that later could hurt a love one if it falls. However, here’s what I have learned. The more expensive poles are said to grip better, static poles are not suppose to move while you are moving, and spinning poles are meant to spin with you. In addition, here is a website that offered stripper pole reviews.

Men can do it also…

Benefits of Pole Dancing

Fitness benefits are:

  • Burns lots of calories
  • Cardio vascular exercise
  • Tone your abs
  • Define your arms and shoulders
  • Tone Legs
  • Makes you more flexible
  • Teaches you to Dance
  • Builds confidence and self- esteem
  • You will be the envy of EVERYONE
  • It’s so enjoyable and fun!!

I think that everyone will agree that holding your body horizontal to a pole with just your abs will require strength training to improve your core and burn a lot of calories. With continued practice participants of pole dancing are seeing increases in upper body strength and endurance. Legs will become more agile as abs become stronger from making spins and moves that in the beginning you could not do. Even if you did not have good upper body strength in the beginning you will develop the strength required while shedding pounds from the exercise.

A good cardio vascular exercise will get your heart pumping and make you sweat while you burn energy. Amir Dante states, “Pole dancing is a great way to improve your stamina, over time you will improve your skills and be able to hold your body weight, complete more difficult and testing moves and spins and you will feel less tired and achy the more you do.” In addition, as with any exercise program as individual progresses his or her self-esteem builds.

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen your stud muffins can join you on the pole. Ladies I’m sure you will agree that if you are into pole dancing for your man that it would be nice to see him develop some upper body strength and perhaps perform an erotic dance for you every once in a while.

Getting to the Sex

O.k. while some people might have the mindset that pole dancing is something that goes on in clubs and nice girls don’t do such things. I think within this hub there is enough information to prove that this is a great means of exercise and can definitely assist in strength and stamina fitness.

While it appears to be a very great fun way to keep fit: there is nothing wrong with spicing up the bedroom. If you and your partner want to get a little naughty, put on your hottest outfit that your partner loves; put on your favorite “in the mood music; grab your pole (the dancing pole that is); add a little grinding and seductively sliding around the pole and ooh la la…

An exotic pole dance has been deemed entertaining and erotic as the dancer performs a burlesque dance to his or her on lookers. The dancer may choose to perform a strip tease during the dance. Obviously this form of entertainment and frisky prowl will tease, tempt, tantalize, and torment leaving its participants sexually aroused.

After improving upper body strength, agility of the legs and increasing stamina from your pole dancing will contribute to a better sex life. A stripper pole in the privacy of one’s own home can add to a couple’s imagination while providing a “new toy” per say to express your sensual side and create interest and excitement in the bedroom. So ladies and gentlemen, or should I say diva vixens and stud muffins put up your stripper dancing poles for exercising and or sex.

  • Lessons Exotic fitness gym. Maryland, Baltimore, laurel, Woodlawn, Low impact workout programs and dance lessons designed to give you a full body workout.
  •  Dancing Lessons


According to Tracey Lloyd, “There are 3 main styles when it comes to learning the art of pole. These consist of exotic dance, empowerment and pole fitness.” Tracey Lloyd owns a pole dancing supplies website http://www.isntshepretty.co.uk offering sexy lingerie, erotic outfits, and daring club wear.

Both men and women are enjoying the benefits gained from pole dancing. One article that I read made mention that the stripper pole was no longer just for young women only; that men and women beyond their 30’s are exploring pole dancing as a means of getting in shape while having fun. In conclusion pole dancing is for exercise and or sex it is an individual decision.  


your ego has no halo

your ego has no halo


why when you get laid do i get screwed?

and you’re always dressed, while i blush nude

newsflash, your ego has no halo

her friends are all men

seems again and again

no key to their vault

it just wasn’t her fault

she was too needy

cared not for those greedy

aced crossword puzzles

with inked letter bubbles

angels accept cash

shorter lines do get fast

true colors seem dull

staring at stilled seagulls

she does not exist

or so she’ll still insist

scene selections read

while union jobs are dead

magic wand hard core

the one tool she adored

her hands are tied tight

she refuses to fight

a chuckle to laugh

cheeky smirks just in half

i’m headed somewhere

from here and everywhere

dragonflies in seas

firefly bumblebees

reader discretion

advised to perfection

she a puppeteer

strings were her biggest fear


from means she created

she directs opal

three toys in total

they may not be real

but she knows that they feel

wood and fake faces

drunk and so wasted

string master unseen

talents seemingly obscene

the insanity

professional vanity

after a while past

time turned quick and fast

remaining unseen

she then could twirl her dream

puppets and not dolls

sculptures not stupid balls

it’s the innocent

that want us to invent

sick really sick

these wooden sticks

varnished and painted

cracked and sainted

trust me lay low

cause your ego got no halo

you fool your halo has the ego

Stanford awards for my writing


Kimberly Gray Is Published In The Ranks Of Stanford Who’s Who


TORONTO, ON, CANADA,   August 16, 2012 /Stanford Who’s Who/ — With over three decades of professional experience in the communications and publishing industries,Kimberly Gray is an author who has consistently displayed the passion, vision, and dedication necessary to be mentioned among the elite. As a result of her phenomenal body of work, Kimberly has earned recognition in the exclusive network of prominent professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Although she has been writing for several years, Kimberly has spent the majority of her professional career in the advertising and communications field, working on global accounts in the roles of broadcast producer, account supervisor, print producer, and communications manager. It was not until about seven years ago that she decided to start sharing her writing work with the world, having since been the recipient of editor’s choice awards and poet of the year as well as self-publishing three books which include a novel and two poetry collections.

Kimberly’s novel is entitled, My Life as a White, Female Drug Dealer, which tells the story of Sky, who was caught up in the life of a drug dealer and addict and lived to tell her tale. Bringing readers into the world of spiritual, mental, and physical insanity, violence, and consequences that Sky lived through, the book takes people on a journey of loneliness, self-medication, hopelessness, and fear. The redeeming quality of the story is that it lets people know that they are never alone, no matter how hard their life may become, and that there is always hope that they can climb up from the hole and get back on solid ground.

Also working in the world of poetry, Kimberly published Unnecessary Poetry and More Unnecessary Poetry, both books with 30 poems from the incredibly imaginative mind of the author. These sensational collections of creative verse take readers into the boundless imagination of her mind, into places that were previously unknown and are sure to pique the interest of all who take the journey.

Overcoming numerous obstacles over the course of her life, Kimberly serves as an inspiration to all, proving that the only thing that can stop someone lies within their own mind. She has persevered through endless waves of adversity to become a successful advertising and communications professional as well as an accomplished author who continues to create. Evidencing her remarkable reputation in the writing field, Kimberly is a member of the Canadian Authors Association.

To visit Kimberly’s website click here

To view more information on Kimberly Gray click here

Browse the Stanford Who’s Who Business Social Network


Do Women have Nocturnal Orgasms, ‘wet dreams?’

Do Women have Wet Dreams?


So why a hub about women and Wet Dreams? Because many women aren’t aware as to whether they do or do not have wet dreams. And the many women that do have them, better known asNocturnal Orgasms or Emissions, most, keep it under the covers, sort of speak. Then there are those who have never had one and others who do but are unsure given the severity or intensity of the orgasm.

My own experiences as a woman, not until after childbirth, had me bedazzled because no one ever talked about female wet dreams and I knew I was having them. So I privately did some reading and found out some interesting facts.

I thought this content could shed some light for both sexes regarding female wet dreams as this video shows you many women are unclear about the entire subject matter. So let’s dive in, shall we;

What is a female wet Dream?

Wet dreams typically occur in males during their prepubescent and teenage years. Though they usually taper off as males mature. Some may experience them in adulthood.

Wet Dreams are generally defined aserotic dreams that culminate with an orgasm. They are very commonly associated with nocturnal emissions. An involuntary ejaculation that occurs when one’s asleep.

We now know women experience these wet dreams also, not as common or often as men.

When a female experiences a wet dream, the vagina becomes lubricated as she becomes sexually aroused in her dream. However, less liquid is produced by females, leaving less evidence she has had a wet dream.

Women can have wet dreams from the age of 14 for the rest of her life. Your body responds to sex asleep the same way it would if you were awake. There is a fortunate increase in involvement as the dream progresses.

Females and wet dreams

First and Foremost female wet dreams are not rare nor harmful, but perfectly normal

Actually women who experience these dreams, wish they could have them more. Wet dreams and fantasy’s are a way for us to explore the forbidden.

A means for us to explore our sexuality without actually acting on it.

We don’t hear or talk very much about female wet dreams primarily because it is much more common in males, with a greater focus on male sexuality both in science and people in general.

It is also perfectly normal for a woman to not have an orgasm in her sleep or know she has had one.

It’s noteworthy to mention, a female wet dream cannot be directly compared to that of a males.

Women rarely ejaculate fluid at the point of orgasm (there are exceptions-however, that’s another Hub someday) like men.

But women do have nocturnal orgasms, just not as frequently as men. Women who do have orgasms during sleep, usually have them several times a year.

Some History and Stats-The Facts

In 1953, Alfred Kingsey, the famous sexuality researcher, found that nearly 40% of the 5,628 women he interviewed experienced, at least once, a wet dream by the time they reached 45 years of age.

A smaller study in 1986, in the Journal of Sex Research, found that 85% of the women who experienced nocturnal orgasm had done so by the age of 21.

Some even before the age of 13.

Who has Wet Dreams?

40% of women have at least one wet dream by the age of 45. This compares to males at 80%.

It does not mean you lack in sex or have an overactive sex drive.

Sometimes a show or movie that arouses you may trigger this dream. I suggest you watch it again, curl up with a Teddy between your legs and see what happens.

Fewer than 10% of women compared to 50% of men report having wet dreams more than 5x a year.

Men often experience their first orgasm during a wet dream, where women rarely have an orgasm except by sex or other means first.


Why do wet dreams occur?

Doctors are not 100% sure why wetdreams occur but there are some arguable theory’s.

  • while asleep the body is actually experiencing what it is dreaming

  • for males, due to a build up of sperm and need to ejaculate

  • testosterone drugs increase the number of wet dreams

  • according to web.md, during an 8 hour period males will get an erection 6-8 times and females will lubricate the same number of times

  • once asleep the body goes through checking test of sexual body parts


When do wet dreams occur?

 While we are sleeping, our bodies enter a state known as REM ‘rapid eye movement’. This period can last from a few minutes to a half hour.

 This is the point to which sleepers have the most vivid dreams.

 Wet dreams most often occur during this REM sleep.

How often do wet dreams happen and are they safe?

There is no average number of how often wet dreams occur. Some have reported having these every few months while other women more rarely. There are also those (much fewer) who have reported having wet dreams every few days.

There are some 60 % of women who will never experience a wet dream at all.

Interestingly enough, it is a known fact that women who sleep in longer have more wet dreams than women who don’t. This due to the fact there is more time to allow for REM sleep.

Lastly, wet dreams are completely safe and cause no harm or effect to any part of your body in a negative way. If anything they are extremely healthy for the mind and body and overall feeling of personal sensuality.


I hope tonight you eat well, have a full tummy, watch a favorite movie with Brad Pit or Ron Jeremy, whichever your preference, tuck in early, don’t forget the Teddy, set your alarm for an hour later in the morning, think erotic thoughts, and hope for the best.

Sweet Dreams my Female Friends.




Bathe in the smugness of others

Flirt if it is a must to interact

It’s of no importance

You’re the task-at-hand

You’ve grown unnoticed

Then uglier with greed

Witness the competition

Try to entrap your ego

You easily spot the crazy ones

By the sheer fact they choose a straw

No children to neglect here

Let’s say good-bye

Yes the crime has been noted

My finder’s fee is large

I must take your sport

Standing tall in this sudden crowd

Emotions clear by the hair on your head

Let’s speed dial the band

They fall distinctly and lightly weak

Pains one to watch

When they claim better

No rhyme in a rhythm

Wicked to beat

Yet smelling sensational

My ink fades to blot

Noticing blood in the water

The victim laughs knowing a drop

Will create clouds in the wetness

Maybe just bad teachers

Or stubborn to be taught

Ovulation dictates my choices

Knowing you have been a mother

Without a daughter to be seen

Spaghetti’s and Sprite

Meals eaten continually

Run and win to kill

Maybe being dirty

Will take you back to Paris

I parked and bored

Some guess this never to be proved

Third Cup is next to scatter

I’m not at all impressed

Fingernail tips so black

Same color as my cousin

Let’s go let’s go let’s go

Where can I bathe I have to know.

His veins turned to Velvet


Feeling no pain

lost and lonely, scared and confused

It was clear he had nothing to lose

I was bleeding, enjoying the pain

Ecstasy spilling, right from my vein

But velvet became of his iron life

I was turning, right into his wife

As we became one

Became as one

His bite so sharp, with a slithered sound

I swear to God, I had been found

Feeling faint as I became his

Veins our fortress, like two little kids

Wild and turning, it had begun

No other mortal, would see me become

He was velvet, soon as he felt

My reception, at the state I dealt

Fearless wanting, more of his venom

Breathtaking gorgeous, I studied him

The more I did, the more I bled

My heart beating fast

Unknown if I would last

Yet a fame of fortune

Kept me from succumbing to run

And so I died

Blood trails my guide

He in velvet veins

Me turning insane

Immortal I was seeing

A gift of a new being

From fangs white as snow

Why me, I shall never know

That was then, but here is now

And someone best tell how I allow

A vamp of velvet

Got me so private

It was my turn, to bite back

It was my turn, to see black

To taste the velvet underground

To discover what he too once had found

I bit and sucked with all my might

Feeling his submission and lack of fight

It was final, I was not prey

Predator I did become today

Feeling no pain


Come lye here below me

lye here below me

When I was bitten, and chosen to be turned, I was already immortal. An angel. A fallen angel, yes, but an angel nonetheless

Tis that painting

To which you stare

I wrestle in hating

As she’s brushed there


Maybe see me so still

But it’s been a lie

A game to kill

What’s it like to cry?


I cannot comprehend

What it feels you say real

Wish I could once pretend

But it’s your emotions I do not feel


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say



Come to me now

Lay your body below me

Your going to feel how

Throbbing loved by we


Stare if you must

Your pissing me off

Loose the desired trust

I am furthest from soft


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say


Still you crave me

Based on what you have read

Fine weak mortal become we

I will enjoy rubbing on me as you bleed


Why must I attract

the obvious retards

Boring as expected to react

You pretend to feel some regard


You will die soon

This I say

Tomorrow by noon

I will enjoy you, my prey


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say



Soon to be master

You’ll think so smart

Watch me play faster

and rip out your heart


Best take credit

It’s already dieing

You begged and I read it

My fun an invite to rush your lieing


Let’s go, wait we have

Your challenge of jokes

Has clearly offered the road you pave

My joy the day you gasp from chokes


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say


Come play tough liar

This is my life

Decievinga crier

Feel my speed as your knife


You taunted first

Meaning I haunting last

Unaware I have yes started your curse

Fake mortals like you easily so fast


I promise you girly fool

I always get mine

Not one single rule

Especially of your kind


You know what’s so crazy

Is calling someone crazy

When you know they are

What is crazy baby?


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say


I laugh as you don’t know

Yet call me in public scared then go

Your about to see in person

Karma you disregard ah, so you worsen


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say





My Weapon your Lesson


I am Changing, Why? Time is……

Another Vampire Feast

Yet you enter me at least

I will never let go

Your desire I now know

To show you I am wide

My secret hides on my other side

Only alone do I feel this pleasure

Hidden are my gifts of pressure

Fears undeserving far to long an

Love, immortal, is our song

Time I pray will rid of his kills

Turning slowly I can’t sit still

Now I was able to let you see

My weapons are none more than me

The source that is killing

the very one I find thrilling

Tis far greater to mock my mistakes

In my life, immortal, no saviours gate

Time I suppose will help me with skills

More techniques to learn, rules and kills

Come I will never let go

Your desire I now know

To show you I am wide

My secret hides on my other side

Only alone do I feel this pleasure

Hidden are my gifts of treasure

Fears undeserving far too long

Love, not immortal, is our song

Time I pray will rid of his kills

Turning slowly I can’t sit still

Now I was able to let you see

My weapons are none more than me

The factor that is killing me

Is the very one I cannot feel just see

It is far greater to beg for my mistakes

And in my life, now immortal not fake

Time I suppose will help perfect my skills

Techniques teach obedience whilst one kills

Rather choose to obey and respect

Distribute fear to begin I will Infect

Chase as effect to hunt thy prey

Just to judge their fear this way

You do not know what I can do

The silence you hear, is calm for you

Mistake me again for being kind

Reveals stupidity in your witty mind

Make no mistake I live in peace

I can watch myself even as beast

Time I pray will rid of his kills

Turning slowly I can’t sit still

Should you hurt just one I love

Or mock my being just look above

Search for protection as you look up there

Do know the prey you hurt with no care

See and hear the clarity I speak

As you only do know we will meet

What? Is it possible to respect your smut?

Do hope your joking, your finished and cut

You the type who laugh even now

encourage in sequel, will show how

Time I suppose will help perfect my skills

Techniques teach obedience whilst thy kills

You so perfect in all of each day

Run, start now, my love, my next preY

Until eve of Tomorrows Day

I must know why I change, what’s biting my way

Regardless mY weapon, will be your lesson.

Trust you may, come lets preY


NighTs and WeekeNds CD Release

Saturday night I went to listen to an Indie band; namely Nights and Weekends, for the release of their new CD, below.  I’ll be honest, my brother is the drummer so I have always had a skewed opinion of his greatness.

Yet how do I write an objective, truthful review of this band and their magic without already being bias.  Then I remembered.  The crowd.  They confirmed it for me.

Then Saturday, I felt no need to favour this band just because I knew them, rather, was blown away at how far they progressed in talent, and do continually.   I could finally listen to on even ground.  This I thought would definitely not be my choice in genres but even with all the years between us, I really heard my brother, Davey James for the first time and all three men had me singing along, jumping, clapping and outside myself.  It was an escape I haven’t felt in so many years. I let go and was in the creative zone.  It inspires me, even now as I am listening to their CD, it inspires my own creativity.

They follow their own rules and use resources not so traditional but rather almost inventive.  I do get frustrated they aren’t playing in front of 30,000 fans every night, as they are that good.  I realize now they would be if they wanted and agreed to other Industry terms.  It won’t be long now, and on their chosen path.  And btw the album kicks ass.♠

Killer Band

Brendan Beamish; vocals, guitar                                                Jermaine Hamilton; vocals                                        Davey James; Drums, Brass, harmonica

Okay, I am so mesmerized I must explain this is what Nights and Weekends does for every person who hears them.  Me included.  But I watched the crowd jumping and singing, the music blasting I could feel the rhythm in my chest, the humour surprising at the least expected times but most of all the synergy.  Their ability to all get to a creative zone at the same time.

It’s magical and I do know they are being scouted and it will be them making the decisions, not any label.  Just like now, writing, producing and executing their own work.  Freedom from rules. Defining their own laws and never asking for permission.

Brendan’s vocals are something out of a choir. His capacity to hold the blues is remarkable and guitar moving right with him never overpowers his strong sound. Just a phenomenal voice and even greater stage presence keeping the crowd wishing they had these capabilities. It quickly becomes very apparent he loves what he does yet his mannerisms hold a humility and rhythm bar none. He is an integral part of the trio, no less no more than the others but integral.

Born in Peterborough, ON Brendan Beamish was forged in Country and Rock. Playing in a band all through high school, known to the small town of Peterborough as Trikestunts. Brendan had Rock down to the letter, growing up on bands like Aerosmith and Tragically Hip it wasn’t a surprise music would play such an important role in his life. Graduating Western University with a Bachelor of Arts major in Sociology, Brendan took to sales where he gained experience working in communications, sales and marketing. But the corporate life could not hold the small town country boy from rocking out on stage. Moving to Toronto to pursue music, Brendan adds that rock edge with a touch of soul to Nights & Weekends. It doesn’t take much to see that his love for Country and Rock are the driving force behind why Brendan does what he does. Hitting the roots of these two genres and bringing them together, Brendan has truly mastered his craft and can be seen when he’s shredding his guitar. Brendan was once quoted saying, “All we really want is one giant party, where we’re the soundtrack.”
Thanks Brendan for keeping it real and passionate.

Davey James, may be my brother, but there is no way I could fluff up some story that represented talent if there was none. I know Davey drums as a form of therapy. Nothing heavy just keeping him focused and revealing the direction he needs to go. He has trained extensively and I often listen to drummers in comparison during songs, which are good. I cannot however detail what it is exactly Davey does different to be subtle but solid and tight. His rhythm is natural and plural, it’s obvious. He loves music, bottom line and any passion is addictive. Let  me to tell you my favourite instrument he plays, it is the harmonica, I just love when he does both. He plays strings as though caressing a woman, writes, teaches and produces music. Then somehow finds the time to help out new artists or starving artists with direction by sharing his long road of experiences.

He also did it on his own. There was no trust fund, or handouts, no offerings or presents. At one point in Hollywood he was homeless but could drum and in New Orleans he gave me the tours of reminiscent pasts that I will treasure forever. He let me into his world and I learned so much about faith, sacrifice, and honesty. My brother’s grown up, now the first of the three to soon have a child, a girl, and found a soul-mate I just know it, with a wonderful, beautiful and grounded young lady I’ll call Sis.

Davey, thank you for spreading your wisdom in ways we never thought possible.

. Music has truly saved my life, and given me a new found freedom”.

Back to the trio and their newest CD, I will leave links to their website which will direct you to the universe of Nights and Weekends.  First lets get some sick lyrics with instrumental leads and have some fun, check it out;


Upcoming events

  • Saturday, August 18 2:00 pm
  • Nights & Weekends Live On The Lake
  • Ontario, Canada (MAP)
  • N/A
  • 19+
  • Share
  • Saturday, August 18 9:00 pm
  • Nights & Weekends – Never Let You Down Music Video Shoot
  • Ontario, Canada (MAP)
  • N/A
  • 19+
  • Share
  • Saturday, September 1 10:00 pm
  • Nights & Weekends Live in Sarina
  • Paddy Flahertys: 130 Seaway Road, Sarnia, ON, Canada (MAP)
  • 19+
  • Share

OH, I suppose this is where I simply tell you the review of Nights and Weekends new CD.  Well, best I can tell the one flaw in their unit is they don’t play enough but if this CD does not take them airborne, the next one’s on me, I’m that confident in the success this will bring them.  Love you guys

Your biggest fan,


here’s their bands link and where to buy the CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ↓
Brendan, Jermaine and Davey                                                               NIGHTS and WEEKENDS

I need my curser to help me out

I just know if this curser I seem to stare at all day would blink to the rhythm of my i-tunes song that is blasting, I would get much more work done.

Computer Hassles? Phone 13 G-E-E-K

Computer Hassles? Phone 13 G-E-E-K (Photo credit: Jessica.James)

To even increase my productivity and creativity further this would help;

  • clap screen to different faint pantone background colours.
  • threaten me gangster style if i have not typed in over 5 minutes.
  • I would be even more eager to work if my curser was a mini coloured Louis Vuitton purse.
  • squeezing my eyes really tight reacted in the next perfect word to type.
  • a screen wiper freshened my screen by cleaning all the cigarette smoke off after every 3 cigarettes.
  • in a non-computer sounding voice, rather realistic male voice once every half hour told me how gorgeous and talented I was.
  • spell check actually worked.
  • my office chair had bluetooth to my mac and when I try to stand up my mac would say “no more munchies and wine.”
  • a soothing aroma, in a timely matter oozed gently from under my keys when it felt fit.
  • touching my screen with 2 fingers gave me a replacement of 3 minute mirror, not revealing my writing hairstyle.
  • large red WARNING letters flash when I write something stupid [I heard that]
  • when I get a reflection of myself from my screen, it would have really big boobies!
  • that a replica of my hand would come out of my camera hole and give me a slap when I write blogs to write blogs.


Any others?


Have a great Day!!!!!



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