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Come lye here below me

lye here below me

When I was bitten, and chosen to be turned, I was already immortal. An angel. A fallen angel, yes, but an angel nonetheless

Tis that painting

To which you stare

I wrestle in hating

As she’s brushed there


Maybe see me so still

But it’s been a lie

A game to kill

What’s it like to cry?


I cannot comprehend

What it feels you say real

Wish I could once pretend

But it’s your emotions I do not feel


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say



Come to me now

Lay your body below me

Your going to feel how

Throbbing loved by we


Stare if you must

Your pissing me off

Loose the desired trust

I am furthest from soft


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say


Still you crave me

Based on what you have read

Fine weak mortal become we

I will enjoy rubbing on me as you bleed


Why must I attract

the obvious retards

Boring as expected to react

You pretend to feel some regard


You will die soon

This I say

Tomorrow by noon

I will enjoy you, my prey


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say



Soon to be master

You’ll think so smart

Watch me play faster

and rip out your heart


Best take credit

It’s already dieing

You begged and I read it

My fun an invite to rush your lieing


Let’s go, wait we have

Your challenge of jokes

Has clearly offered the road you pave

My joy the day you gasp from chokes


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say


Come play tough liar

This is my life

Decievinga crier

Feel my speed as your knife


You taunted first

Meaning I haunting last

Unaware I have yes started your curse

Fake mortals like you easily so fast


I promise you girly fool

I always get mine

Not one single rule

Especially of your kind


You know what’s so crazy

Is calling someone crazy

When you know they are

What is crazy baby?


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say


I laugh as you don’t know

Yet call me in public scared then go

Your about to see in person

Karma you disregard ah, so you worsen


Unaware how you’ll be my prey

ever so soon, so fear what I say





My Weapon your Lesson


I am Changing, Why? Time is……

Another Vampire Feast

Yet you enter me at least

I will never let go

Your desire I now know

To show you I am wide

My secret hides on my other side

Only alone do I feel this pleasure

Hidden are my gifts of pressure

Fears undeserving far to long an

Love, immortal, is our song

Time I pray will rid of his kills

Turning slowly I can’t sit still

Now I was able to let you see

My weapons are none more than me

The source that is killing

the very one I find thrilling

Tis far greater to mock my mistakes

In my life, immortal, no saviours gate

Time I suppose will help me with skills

More techniques to learn, rules and kills

Come I will never let go

Your desire I now know

To show you I am wide

My secret hides on my other side

Only alone do I feel this pleasure

Hidden are my gifts of treasure

Fears undeserving far too long

Love, not immortal, is our song

Time I pray will rid of his kills

Turning slowly I can’t sit still

Now I was able to let you see

My weapons are none more than me

The factor that is killing me

Is the very one I cannot feel just see

It is far greater to beg for my mistakes

And in my life, now immortal not fake

Time I suppose will help perfect my skills

Techniques teach obedience whilst one kills

Rather choose to obey and respect

Distribute fear to begin I will Infect

Chase as effect to hunt thy prey

Just to judge their fear this way

You do not know what I can do

The silence you hear, is calm for you

Mistake me again for being kind

Reveals stupidity in your witty mind

Make no mistake I live in peace

I can watch myself even as beast

Time I pray will rid of his kills

Turning slowly I can’t sit still

Should you hurt just one I love

Or mock my being just look above

Search for protection as you look up there

Do know the prey you hurt with no care

See and hear the clarity I speak

As you only do know we will meet

What? Is it possible to respect your smut?

Do hope your joking, your finished and cut

You the type who laugh even now

encourage in sequel, will show how

Time I suppose will help perfect my skills

Techniques teach obedience whilst thy kills

You so perfect in all of each day

Run, start now, my love, my next preY

Until eve of Tomorrows Day

I must know why I change, what’s biting my way

Regardless mY weapon, will be your lesson.

Trust you may, come lets preY


Weaker than Yesterday, Stronger than Tomorrow

She cried

somewhere deep in her chest

like the lions roar

but somehow stronger

not even remembering

the details that brought her here

and as she trembled

she felt that when

yet nothing else

could make the difference

for an empty soul

like her broken heart

and confused mind

physical destruction

her self harm

her life had brought her here

for no particular reason

with no particular purpose

the pain is what drove her

now it’s what owned her

and nothing can change that

not even a reconciliation

she feels no self-pity

no guilt

knows she is innocent

but fools herself

into believing

that all be true

she knows no truth

and has no fight

unable to strike

without consequences

far greater than her pain

she has no one to turn to

know one to talk to

in theory at least

because how could you talk

of such horrible things

that almost brought her to death

she’s weaker than yesterday

stronger than tomorrow

sits numb in today

as does she

she is anonymous

must be protected this way

will die to practice this

and live to ensure it

why her

before even she could move

her destiny was determined

her mother completely unaware

if only we could see

what lies before us

before it does

just maybe

just maybe

we could stop pain

since when does the mean

rule the world

such a stupid question

from a naïve girl

wonder what a magician

would cost to remedy

the life of the child

out of surgery

into recovery

from a broken heart

and she to be opened

and rectified

but not before the child

seems they will start again

with strength in there will

she cannot

now will left to be shown

a capture snapshot

of just one moment

when together they were

as one

knowing nothing of the future

that would bring them such pain


ruining their lives


and never


to a young sweet teenager. And it has been told she is seemingly exactly like her mother.

I am my biggest fan and follow myself

That’s why I like WordPress, I can follow myself and I haven’t been on a site yet where I otherwise could.  Yes I am aware I am talking to myself.  That’s the gift-what happens in my mind, stays in my mind.  A good coping mechanism when one has lost their marbles and is still hungry, is the imagination.  Oh this came about when……

I realized this morning how serious and quiet, even boring and bitchy I have been lately.  It’s not like I am trying to get out of the responsibility of my actions but do confess book promoting is such a drag.  One month of promoting now and it never occurred to me I could take a break or try and work on my next novel.  Having said that my genius mind has decided under no circumstances can I promote my novel, or I shall turn into an irreversible undertaker professionally.

I say……………….

Shit, I think I just promoted myself.  OK, doesn’t count as I am trying to make excuses for my irritating, irresponsible, isolating, ignorant,  illegal, instigating, intolerable, insensitive, insane, itchy, and intoxicated behavior.  Yes I make myself laugh. I may add quite often, quite hard and for long periods of time. I think I am being tickled from  a nervous breakdown.  So I am here to counteract it with typing some thoughts for the moment, It won’t take long, as I have short term memory lapses.

Not in the telling a funny joke way, actually I never get jokes. But in a OMG kinda way. Difficult to explain and I so wish I was a writer to articulate my funniness or humor suppose is a more classy term. I’m all about class, oozes from me. Yep classy natural humor.

Thank goodness I find myself funny, most don’t. They think I am serious or weird or just don’t understand me, until of course, they get to know me.

That’s when the laughter is expected. Primarily from me. I am trying to think of some examples to demonstrate my hilarious demeanor.

I reckon the Three Musketeers are all doing poems in some fancy uptight format or version? I bet they are not expecting one from me about me [zip it]. Please do not be alarmed that I am talking to myself, I am kinda stuck doing so since ‘You’ [me] make me laugh is written to, about, for, from, well, me.

Well I made up my mind since my minds world got me started. It gave myself permission to publicly make an a**  of myself [quite therapeutic if I do say].  It’s widget time and here’s what I’m thinking *giggles* [no control of bladder sometimes, sorry]

Today I shall be LEGO girl!

May I add that my mother told me; Imagination is said to be intelligence having fun. I like that. Though she said not to share it with people as it cycles too fast and teachers use to think I was trying to get thrown out of class.  Well, unless WordPress has teachers, I feel pretty confident I am safe. If only I could just invent some intelligence, or find where I can buy it? Please advise if you can……… It’s OK your safe, I am not contagious [well there anyways].

Hope you guessed by now what makes me laugh is my own imagination. Good thing people can read my mind cause imagine if they couldn’t

Let’s imagine if…….

  • I had an imagination
  • siamese twins were formerly joined at the lips
  • spin the bottle could only be played by schizophrenics
  • there was a medical devise for reshaping the tongue
  • men used portable urinals-remembering to shake
  • that Britney was my daughter
  • we gave out free earplugs to elephants
  • all hot married men had single twin brothers
  • if I wasn’t so funny
  • if I understood what PSYCHOANALYTICAL meant

And imagine if……….

  • I owned HubPages
  • babies and elders didn’t poop their pants but the rest of us did
  • the dictionary was funny
  • Blowfish were the ones smuggling cocaine through the waterways
  • Google slept, just even once
  • cats could have a drivers licence
  • seahorses discovered another side to the globe
  • we could follow ourselves and leave awesome fan mail all over the net
  • we could buy accolades or trade like hockey cards
  • No one had hair except sunnieday and kimberly gray

And imagine if…………….

  • we could be immature forever
  • we could eat right from our computer screens pictures of food [careful with the fish]
  • Shamoo was a person in real life
  • snakes all had a big nose
  • OMG if I was not so smokin hot
  • The automatic Umbrella doubled as a toiled when turned upside down [what? there are emergencies
  • a vampire bit me, again but 3x now missed the spot
  • if I was a writer
  • all recipes were interactive
  • school principles were not allowed to use their intercoms

And imagine if…………….

  • it was impossible to be famous
  • you could induce an instant orgasm by scratching your head
  • you could create itchy pink dandruff
  • politicians didn’t have artificial hearts
  • parrots could only curse and swear
  • OMG I wasn’t so self-consumed
  • if men wen’t so confusing in bed
  • you could eat your tickles
  • I won some talent
  • our bums were always exposed
  • eating radishes grew hair on men and women’s chests

And imagine if…………….

  • burkas were made of leather
  • I could be of sound mind, and have volume controls
  • Visa was a gift with each bible redeemable at any fast food restaurant
  • the sound of dogs barks were farts and their farts made a bark
  • if I was born a day earlier, how different my life might have been
  • if we all would think alike – bet there would be a lot less humour
  • if we never once had to get up in the morning
  • a new pair of shoes came with every supersize meal
  • SomewayOuttaHere learned to be cool and ride motorcycles
  • the world all became Canadian citizens

And imagine if…………….

  • lineups were illegal
  • I had boobies
  • I was the face on the hundred dollar bill
  • Heaven was at the pick up counter in Starbucks
  • I wasn’t long-winded
  • Police wore tighter pants by 2 sizes
  • the most elite golf courses in the world were in the bronx
  • the duration of pregnancy was 3 hours, 4 with twins
  • only truck drivers had emotions
  • cure for hangovers were somersaults
  • Wayne finally washed his willy
And imagine if……………
  • if spiders wore tap shoes
  • denture glue was a multi-purpose deodorant, and skin cream as well.
  • jellyfish was delicious with peanut butter
  • blogging increased your IQ [start-blog a lot!]
  • superheroes wore trench coats with belts, not capes
  • Denzel Washington proposed to me
  • the playboy mansion was a gift from Hef
  • beautiful brides didn’t get ugly later on
  • colour coded souls so people could see right through you
  • sex was a legal if we kept maintaining the 4x a day law
  • snot did not exist

And imagine if…………….

  • pornography was famous due to the fact the ‘actors’ had to be clothed
  • those scam inheritance emails were real
  • you could make money writing
  • gambling was mandatory for all citizens until the age of 21
  • WordPress also doubled as an ATM machine [get cash from CD slot]
  • WordPress bought each blogger a racehorse of their choice
  • Robert Downey Junior took me out on the ever waiting date in Bermuda
  • a 6 pack really had 7 and the 7th was free
  • there was a huge black market for buying and selling blogs using bookies as they would know how to stay under internet police radar
  • imagine if I kept going ……………………..

She just went poop, and how can I get mad?

oh boy


Toll to the Dragon – Flash Fiction by Mike aka mckbirdbooks

Mike is certainly an author and editor I respect and strive to be as creative.  He writes primarily as do I for Hubpages.  His avatar and pen name is mckbirdbooks.  This link will take you there and I promise if you read some of his work, you too will be an instant fan.


This fast fiction just has to get more exposure in my opinion.  Enjoy.  From a dedicated and inspiring writer.



Toll to the Dragon


It’s the middle of the night. The campfire embers glow enough that there is some visibility in the small clearing where I am sleeping. I hear a loud thump near my head and sit upright startled at the noise. And the closeness of the noise has my heart pounding rapidly. Peering into the darkness I cannot make anything out. Turning this way and that I see what I think is a tree stump just off to the left. A tree fell into the campsite!

No, the stump moves and a neck and face move – eye to eye with me. Curiosity on the part of the dragon, I suppose. First, the only sound I hear is the heart in my chest struggling to get away, wondering why I am still there. Then that sound is drowned out by a snort. A spittle spewing snort that leaves a dripping mess. Being eye to eye with an arrogant dragon is not childs play.

Without thought I am on my feet. In one second I will be out of the clearing away from the spittle and brimstone smelling dragon. Away, where there are places to hide, rocks to throw, away – safe. I pivot then it’s teeth sink into my leg and I am lifted high off the ground screaming – for an audience of one.

An incisor has punctured my leg and I am bleeding badly. Its tooth is jammed between the two bones in my leg. The wound is such that the dragon is having a hard time finishing the job. I am caught in its teeth, like popcorn. I’m there, I’m annoying. Dangling by one leg from the mouth of a dragon is not my chosen destiny.

He flings his head high to dislodge me. As he does, I reach up and grab a whisker with my left hand. The whisker is bristled and cutting into the flesh of my hand. I must hang on. Now I have some leverage, as I am being bucked back and forth. The situation is hopeless.

My trousers are soaked with blood. I remember I carry penknife. It is a small penknife incapable of doing any damage. But it is now my only thought. With my right hand I go into my trouser pocket and get the penknife – open it.

The dragon spies the knife and gives such a snort of mirth that I am almost freed – but the incisor has punctured the leg. My head is spinning I will soon be gone. With the last bit of strength I shove my arm into the nostril of the dragon. Into the membrane of the nostril I push the blade to the hilt. I withdraw the arm oozing mucus.

The clamping of the jaw finally severs the leg and I fall all those feet to the ground. The flames from the mouth of the dragon finish me. A burnt lump, smoldering on the cold ground where a moment ago I lay sleeping.

The dragon gyrates hitting its head against a tree, then on the ground, and paws at its snout. It snorts fire again and again. The penknife holds.

In memoriam

April 15

Tax day

Toll to the dragon on hubpages

Mike thank you for this piece and sharing it.  Where’s the next one BTW?

A successful Author who many of us know

Good Day!

Hello. Excited to be doing another Hubber Interview. So much so, because Rolly is an author in the truest sense of the word. He is talented, persistent, consistent, loyal, and most of all true to his word. Of all the great characteristics in Rolly, I enjoy his friendship because he really is a decent, kind, loving man. All which pores through his work. I’m not sure if he even realizes howrefreshing it is to read ‘work of truth’. Must add he is also a fellow Canadian.

I have followed ‘Quill’ and Rolly for a few years now and always find peace and a place to exhale when I read his work. Rolly thank you for that and for taking the time out of your must-be busy schedule to do this interview for our followers.

OK if I had to confess, I am also trying to get him to get me a top notch I Pad, but this is just the warm up- *wink *.

Having said that, Let’s get into this!

See all 3 photos

First section-fun and personal

1.What are 5 things we should know about you?

Good morning Kimberly thank you for the opportunity to be involved in doing this project with you. You have always been an inspiration to many and this is indeed a privilege.

Wow..! Five things:

1) First and foremost my faith. Even though there are times when it falters it is always there. It has sustained me over the years and has brought me through some very difficult times.

2) Next would have to be a love for people, who they are and what they come to mean to me because of many over the years. I have found a new appreciation of the seeds they have sown into my life.

3) My love of nature and all it has to offer. I mean really she presents herself pure and without flaw and is willing to teach in all ways. There is so much to be learned and yet all we need to do is take the time. I spent several years in close relationship with the Northern Cree Indians in an isolated community. They were willing to share a great deal with me after the trust and respect had been established. It was here I learned to appreciate nature and what she spoke.

4) I have always had a passion for adventure. Even as a young child with an imagination to seek out the unknown. At one time to try the unusual was a must and the bonus was to be able to survive and tell about it. On the wild side, Scuba Diving, High-speed motorcycles, Stock Car Racing, Sky Diving were a part of the adventure. Fly Fishing, Photography, Hiking throughout the Northern wilderness spending vast amounts of time alone and living in the far North of Canada was actually living a dream. I must add some of these have been very foolish yet all a part of growing up. My excuse is I never had any toys when I was a kid so I was allowed to live on the edge.

5) My background has been varied in the work force. Underground Mining, Logging, Oil Drilling in the High Arctic, Construction on many of the Northern Hydro Projects, IC of a large Security Force servicing Northern Camps, Owner Operator of Yukon Security Police, Contract Prospecting for Gold in the Yukon, Contract Researcher for Wildlife Management. The list does go on some things I would sooner not mention. Gene

rally speaking I followed the high paying jobs to support my lifestyle.

I returned back to College at the age of 42 and pursued and obtained degrees in Turf Management, Golf Course Design and Construction, Plant Pathology, Horticulture and Arboriculture and Acqua Culture. I worked in the industry for a few years and opened my own Landscape Consulting Company. The last few years I worked as a Managing Director of Operations at a large Christian College.

I remarried after many years of being single.

In 2008 I was ordained as a Pastor.

One might say I have been through the mill in many ways but I like to think of it as “The roads I have travelled have brought me to where I have arrived today.”

2. What is your favourite hobby?

A favorite hardly seems like a fair question, as there are so many. Over the years I have set them aside saying I will do them when I retire. I have renamed the word retirement into the term Refirement. I know it is not a real word but when we reach what some call the Golden Years there is much to do. A favorite hobby, well a few actually if I may. Fly Fishing, Woodcarving, Photography come to mind.

3. Which planet aside from earth would you choose to live on?

I love to spend time looking at the moon on a clear night with a powerful lens. There is something captivating about the moon but earth would always be home. Of course there is always the dream.

4. How do you spend your relaxation time?

Many ways really, Fly Fishing, reading, gardening, creating new flowerbeds and spending time with anyone willing to have a chat. There is always a story to be heard or often to be told.

5. Which is your favourite bubblegum?

That would have to be Double Bubble. The original with the comics inside.

6. What type of area and dwelling do you live in?

Farming community, oil and gas reserves, cattle and horses and right on the edge of the mountains a personal playground. The dwelling is a newer two-story home with an attached garage. It has been fully developed upstairs and down with two large decks front and back and a massive yard that is need of some creative landscaping. I need a new yellow sticky now as I have been keeping notes of all the “To Do’s.”

7. Do you wear hats often and which is your favourite?

Not often and if I do it is a wide brimmed fishing hat as I drift down the river. You see I have a lack of hair on the top of my head. I like to think I have grown to tall for protective hair. The downside is now it grows out of my ears and nose.

8. Do you own an I pad?

Certainly do an IPad 3. Of course it is fully loaded and I do love the versatility. I just printed off a 150-page manual for the thing and discover new revolutionary advantages daily.

9. Are you a mac or PC user?

I switched over completely a few years ago and there are two 27″ iMacs, a Mac Book Pro, a few ipods and now an iPad. You might say I love Mac. I still have an old PC. There is still a little kid in me I would hate to part with. it is a monster gaming computer that I built over the years.

10. Do you exercise, if so, how? If not, what is your alternative (ie; couch surfing)

Not enough as I glance down at this pot I have developed. Spring has arrived so the excuses have all died. Winter months I shuffle my feet side to side while I write and oh yes my two fingers I write with have gone many miles. I have even incorporated my thumb on the space bar. My left arm is stronger than my right because it is the one that reaches for the coffee. Does that count…? I know, I know, I need to get into a routine. The expensive and very heavy treadmill in the garage has been calling all winter.

um……..Do you aspire to be like kimberlyslyrics on HubPages?She is a keeper that girl. One of the first to find Quill and she has been a faithful follower and supporter. I might add she is a very accomplished writer who is published on Smashwords and just in the process of shaking the Amazon world as well. Aspire is a big word “Try” is more like the word I would use. If you want a good friend and faithful follower people hook up with this girl. Her poetry and writing will touch you deeply.er……………….How many Hubs have you written on HubPages and would you be kind enough to provide us with ten Hub links hat you would be proud to highlight of your work?Over the years under the entire persona’s I would estimate there to be close to 450. Sadly through my own stupidity they have been closed out. Did you hear the resounding slap… listen close here it is again.I do have 51 new ones under my own name. If I were to choose 10 then they would be…











Section Two-Author highlights

1. You are an established and successful author, that many of us are not aware of. When did you publish your first book and what was it? Is it still accessible and how can we find it?

“The Quiet” was the first released on May 7, 2011. I suppose the best way to tell you where to find it is to give you a link. All the books are only available presently in an eBook format. Presently I have been working with a Canadian Publisher who has shown a great deal of interest and it is looking promising a few may be available in paper back soon.


2. You have published many books. What are they and may we have the links where to purchase them.

I have now published 14 books. The first seven were written as a series I have called “Quiet Reflections.” They were written in an Autobiographic format during the years I battled addiction and include the many people who planted seeds into me of wisdom and love.

After they were completed I found myself being led into the fiction genre incorporating and building around characters and the story unfolded. These have become full novels of 50 to 60,000 words. One is a two book series called Smoothwolf and the other a three book series called “Checkers Corner. There are also two single novels.

As well a link to my personal website which is dire need of update:


3. It is my understanding you have just published another book. Can we highlight it here with your description and possible inspiration about writing it?

Kimberly I think the inspiration for this novel and the two preceding it would come for the love and respect I have for nature, the wolf and my fellow man. It was again built around a main character his pain and his loss at the time. As I wrote the story, the people and places just afforded yet another in the series and it spanned over several years and generations. Once started it was hard to stop as silly as it may seem.

The second main character is about the life of a wild wolf named Checkers. I have spent many a day observing and spending time in close proximity of wolves in the Yukon. Sadly they have been painted with a very bad brush over the years. I had the privilege of having an older lone male wolf that lived near my cabin. I suppose the steady supply of moose bones attracted him to me. We formed a bond that I would say was held at a distance. There was many a day we would sit on a sunny hillside like a couple of old friends me speaking in a soft tone. Him at a safe distance of 15 feet. To me it was amazing.

4. Do you have a favourite book you have published and why?

The Checkers Corner series I would need to say because of the experiences and memories it raised of my time in the far north and being so in touch with nature. I think back now at the span of those months it took to write the 200,000 words and the attachment to the characters was a great training ground for learning.

5. Are there other links that will bring us to see your books, even the newest that you could share with us here? (Facebook etc.)

I have created a new Facebook page that is still in the process of growing. It has a brief bio of each book as well as an excerpt from each and comments and suggestions are always welcome. Love to have anyone visit and say hello.


6. How often do you write, understanding any writer writes when inspired, specifically how much of your time do you find is dedicated to writing?

A difficult question as it depends on the inspiration level. I do write daily I have set a minimum level of 3000 words per day I like to keep. I find it keeps me fresh. I get inspired late at night or early in the morning and sometimes my internal clock has a conflict and the computer questions who is the guy at the keyboard today.

7. Where is your inspiration pulled from and what inspires you most?

Just in sharing what I have put together. Hopefully there are some life lessons people can take to heart and apply them to a conflict they can relate to in life. Not that I think I have become this great guru sitting in a Yoga position but maybe there may be a spark and hopefully some healing in someone’s life can take place through a few simple words.

8. How difficult is it to publish and do you have Ebooks or paper? What are your feelings or views about Ebooks taking over our publishing industry?

As I mentioned for the time being for me eBooks are the format. After a terribly bad experience with a so called reputable or shall I say want to be publisher I became a little gun shy. Choose your publisher well and do your homework unlike what I did. Learn what you can and do your homework. A good rule of thumb is enter the name of the publisher and the individual you are dealing with as well as + sign and the words scam or fraud or rip off and do your own research. For any new and aspiring author most publishers as a general rule will promise you the world and convenience in the process it will cost you vast amounts of money. The recovery rate on your return will be slow in coming back you.

I do think we are entering into the age and a generation where people do want to keep their personal libraries on their PDA devices or home computers. For me it is a case of connivance. I have a personal library of books I should count that has expanded from one room out into my home. Yet the Kindle I have would hold them all.

If my advice would be worth anything I would go the route of the eBook market to begin with and test the market first. It requires you do a great deal of marketing on your own but in the process you will learn a great deal that will be invaluable later.

9. Any regrets of what you have published and possibly un-published? Secondly, why do you believe you were given the talent to write?

Kimberly over the years I have always been known to shoot from the hip so to speak. I have been backed into a corner a few times over some hubs I have written. Even though they were flagged by someone they were allowed to remain. To find a happy medium and not offend someone is task at the best of times.

As far as unpublished any books no I never have. Well does that count my own stupidity by losing a hard drive on an old PC laptop and not having a back up. If so I have unpublished.

Talent well I suppose the end result comes in readership and one can gauge it that way. If it is gauged in sales well that is another means. Writing is ever evolving and a constant struggle to place words and characters in a fashion that attract readers. To me talent comes with years of practicing a craft. Hopefully I have a few years left. Maybe I can answer that one better then.

10. What is next for Rolly in publishing? Anything in the works now? And finally is there anything at all you can share with us that you feel a need to, in any area?

I have been working on a novel this past month or so that is coming together nicely called “The Fallen Barn”. I suppose it could be said it is about a man who has been to prison for a crime, served his full 17 years time and is in the process of rebuilding his broken life.

This I feel is an area we all need to look at, granting those who have failed and redeemed themselves trough paying for the crime and integrating themselves back into society. I have known a few over the years. Yes there are some who will always live a life of crime but maybe part of the reason they return to it is because we are not a very forgiving society.

Do all authors wear these kind of socks when writing?
Thank you Rolly for taking the time to do this as busy as you are.
The full interview can be found on Hubpages.



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