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Stanford awards for my writing


Kimberly Gray Is Published In The Ranks Of Stanford Who’s Who


TORONTO, ON, CANADA,   August 16, 2012 /Stanford Who’s Who/ — With over three decades of professional experience in the communications and publishing industries,Kimberly Gray is an author who has consistently displayed the passion, vision, and dedication necessary to be mentioned among the elite. As a result of her phenomenal body of work, Kimberly has earned recognition in the exclusive network of prominent professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Although she has been writing for several years, Kimberly has spent the majority of her professional career in the advertising and communications field, working on global accounts in the roles of broadcast producer, account supervisor, print producer, and communications manager. It was not until about seven years ago that she decided to start sharing her writing work with the world, having since been the recipient of editor’s choice awards and poet of the year as well as self-publishing three books which include a novel and two poetry collections.

Kimberly’s novel is entitled, My Life as a White, Female Drug Dealer, which tells the story of Sky, who was caught up in the life of a drug dealer and addict and lived to tell her tale. Bringing readers into the world of spiritual, mental, and physical insanity, violence, and consequences that Sky lived through, the book takes people on a journey of loneliness, self-medication, hopelessness, and fear. The redeeming quality of the story is that it lets people know that they are never alone, no matter how hard their life may become, and that there is always hope that they can climb up from the hole and get back on solid ground.

Also working in the world of poetry, Kimberly published Unnecessary Poetry and More Unnecessary Poetry, both books with 30 poems from the incredibly imaginative mind of the author. These sensational collections of creative verse take readers into the boundless imagination of her mind, into places that were previously unknown and are sure to pique the interest of all who take the journey.

Overcoming numerous obstacles over the course of her life, Kimberly serves as an inspiration to all, proving that the only thing that can stop someone lies within their own mind. She has persevered through endless waves of adversity to become a successful advertising and communications professional as well as an accomplished author who continues to create. Evidencing her remarkable reputation in the writing field, Kimberly is a member of the Canadian Authors Association.

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NighTs and WeekeNds CD Release

Saturday night I went to listen to an Indie band; namely Nights and Weekends, for the release of their new CD, below.  I’ll be honest, my brother is the drummer so I have always had a skewed opinion of his greatness.

Yet how do I write an objective, truthful review of this band and their magic without already being bias.  Then I remembered.  The crowd.  They confirmed it for me.

Then Saturday, I felt no need to favour this band just because I knew them, rather, was blown away at how far they progressed in talent, and do continually.   I could finally listen to on even ground.  This I thought would definitely not be my choice in genres but even with all the years between us, I really heard my brother, Davey James for the first time and all three men had me singing along, jumping, clapping and outside myself.  It was an escape I haven’t felt in so many years. I let go and was in the creative zone.  It inspires me, even now as I am listening to their CD, it inspires my own creativity.

They follow their own rules and use resources not so traditional but rather almost inventive.  I do get frustrated they aren’t playing in front of 30,000 fans every night, as they are that good.  I realize now they would be if they wanted and agreed to other Industry terms.  It won’t be long now, and on their chosen path.  And btw the album kicks ass.♠

Killer Band

Brendan Beamish; vocals, guitar                                                Jermaine Hamilton; vocals                                        Davey James; Drums, Brass, harmonica

Okay, I am so mesmerized I must explain this is what Nights and Weekends does for every person who hears them.  Me included.  But I watched the crowd jumping and singing, the music blasting I could feel the rhythm in my chest, the humour surprising at the least expected times but most of all the synergy.  Their ability to all get to a creative zone at the same time.

It’s magical and I do know they are being scouted and it will be them making the decisions, not any label.  Just like now, writing, producing and executing their own work.  Freedom from rules. Defining their own laws and never asking for permission.

Brendan’s vocals are something out of a choir. His capacity to hold the blues is remarkable and guitar moving right with him never overpowers his strong sound. Just a phenomenal voice and even greater stage presence keeping the crowd wishing they had these capabilities. It quickly becomes very apparent he loves what he does yet his mannerisms hold a humility and rhythm bar none. He is an integral part of the trio, no less no more than the others but integral.

Born in Peterborough, ON Brendan Beamish was forged in Country and Rock. Playing in a band all through high school, known to the small town of Peterborough as Trikestunts. Brendan had Rock down to the letter, growing up on bands like Aerosmith and Tragically Hip it wasn’t a surprise music would play such an important role in his life. Graduating Western University with a Bachelor of Arts major in Sociology, Brendan took to sales where he gained experience working in communications, sales and marketing. But the corporate life could not hold the small town country boy from rocking out on stage. Moving to Toronto to pursue music, Brendan adds that rock edge with a touch of soul to Nights & Weekends. It doesn’t take much to see that his love for Country and Rock are the driving force behind why Brendan does what he does. Hitting the roots of these two genres and bringing them together, Brendan has truly mastered his craft and can be seen when he’s shredding his guitar. Brendan was once quoted saying, “All we really want is one giant party, where we’re the soundtrack.”
Thanks Brendan for keeping it real and passionate.

Davey James, may be my brother, but there is no way I could fluff up some story that represented talent if there was none. I know Davey drums as a form of therapy. Nothing heavy just keeping him focused and revealing the direction he needs to go. He has trained extensively and I often listen to drummers in comparison during songs, which are good. I cannot however detail what it is exactly Davey does different to be subtle but solid and tight. His rhythm is natural and plural, it’s obvious. He loves music, bottom line and any passion is addictive. Let  me to tell you my favourite instrument he plays, it is the harmonica, I just love when he does both. He plays strings as though caressing a woman, writes, teaches and produces music. Then somehow finds the time to help out new artists or starving artists with direction by sharing his long road of experiences.

He also did it on his own. There was no trust fund, or handouts, no offerings or presents. At one point in Hollywood he was homeless but could drum and in New Orleans he gave me the tours of reminiscent pasts that I will treasure forever. He let me into his world and I learned so much about faith, sacrifice, and honesty. My brother’s grown up, now the first of the three to soon have a child, a girl, and found a soul-mate I just know it, with a wonderful, beautiful and grounded young lady I’ll call Sis.

Davey, thank you for spreading your wisdom in ways we never thought possible.

. Music has truly saved my life, and given me a new found freedom”.

Back to the trio and their newest CD, I will leave links to their website which will direct you to the universe of Nights and Weekends.  First lets get some sick lyrics with instrumental leads and have some fun, check it out;


Upcoming events

  • Saturday, August 18 2:00 pm
  • Nights & Weekends Live On The Lake
  • Ontario, Canada (MAP)
  • N/A
  • 19+
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  • Saturday, August 18 9:00 pm
  • Nights & Weekends – Never Let You Down Music Video Shoot
  • Ontario, Canada (MAP)
  • N/A
  • 19+
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  • Saturday, September 1 10:00 pm
  • Nights & Weekends Live in Sarina
  • Paddy Flahertys: 130 Seaway Road, Sarnia, ON, Canada (MAP)
  • 19+
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OH, I suppose this is where I simply tell you the review of Nights and Weekends new CD.  Well, best I can tell the one flaw in their unit is they don’t play enough but if this CD does not take them airborne, the next one’s on me, I’m that confident in the success this will bring them.  Love you guys

Your biggest fan,


here’s their bands link and where to buy the CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ↓
Brendan, Jermaine and Davey                                                               NIGHTS and WEEKENDS



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