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It’s times like these we can help make a difference

A route to help exists

Ashley Davisdon and yes it was his birthday, turning eleven which was three days ago so please do wish him a belated birthday--ok it's really me

Ashley Davisdon and yes it was his birthday, turning eleven which was three days ago so please do wish him a belated birthday–ok it’s really me

The workings behind the site;

Many important factors come into play as to why I am bringing you this spotlight. Namely, 1) a website humble and inviting called, My Route to Help and 2) a dude named Ashley Davidson.

As I have been a recovering addict for years, in and out of treatment, Ash has been the first person I ever heard offering to EDUCATE the surroundings of any addiction rather than promising to HELP.

Having said that, education helps so many in need and Ash is a wizard at being able to hone in on a topic or subject and kindly define it then validate it.

Education is our strongest weapon to give our children the tools to fight starting drugs!


promoting my book My life as a white, female drug dealer, A story of hope, I stumbled upon My Route to Help. I loved the sight instantly. It’s simplicity and to the point, no useless social networking, no videos or numerous photos, rather a simple and powerful site of people helping people.

My column Dear Addict for years was based on the same criteria. Through someone sharing a part of themselves or knowledge, they are reaching out to someone else.

Ash has done a brilliant job and I have been trying to write one or two articles/stories a week. Need to get this flu gone to continue.

We all have a mandate as writers and this is one I hope you feel strongly about as I do. Ash needs writers, anything pertaining to enrich our knowledge around addictions and alcohol, all of it. There are people struggling everywhere and no one has been untouched in retrospect to these disorders. HubPages is a writing site, I know a caring one, that is more than willing to write an article for MY ROUTE TO HELP.

At least check it out, you’ll enjoy publishing knowing you could be touching someone, in a big way.

MRTH site introduction;

Make no mistake, Ash has a clear vision on how to present information and compassion. Jus read this;


Thank you for visiting My Route To Help, we hope you enjoy your stay and pass it on to others. I started this website in the summer 2011, I had the motivation from getting a role as a volunteer with CRI. I thought it would be a good thing to do in my spare time to hopefully help more people than what I would be as a volunteer and so far I have.

Within the first 6 months of the website been online it has been through a lot of changes, it first started off a blog type layout without any user integration however now you can make your own profile with an image and a bio which allows you to post your own articles on the website. This is a big hit with readers and our writers. We have 3 writers who regularly post on the website and they have all received very positive feedback on all articles submitted onto the website.

What we do?

We offer a very simple service to people who want self-help, a lot of people have a fear of seeking help, sometimes they just don’t this is what I want to limit, I want people to read up on the drugs they are taking in simple terms so they understand and to be able to read other people’s success stories to know that every goal is an achievable goal! We offer information on drugs like heroin,cocaine and amphetamine. We also offer advise on harm reduction for example how to stop abscesses and what is the hepatitis virus. And finally we offer some addiction help as well as people s real life success stories of addiction which can be used to help people get through their own struggles!

Communication is key

Recently we have just started a new message board which is on this link here. I have discovered that addiction forums are hard to come by on the internet. Majority of forums that are on the internet do not offer a lot of talking points about addiction and they mainly talk about the drugs themselves in a positive way and not a negative away which is more encouraging to people. So please take the time, if you’re a professional or looking for help do sign up and start talking to people.

Thank you for reading

Ash Davidson


do not offer a lot of talking points about addiction and they mainly talk about the drugs themselves in a positive way and not a negative way which is more encouraging to people. So please take the time, if you’re a professional or looking for help do sign up and start talking to people.


**************My route to help website link

I was so pleased Ash agreed to share more more about himself, Thanks!

  • Ash, what is your favourite flavour of gum?


  • What do you want to tell us? (length is up to you)

I am pretty sure you will find out everything through this interview 😉
Beetles or Elvis?
Elvis, my nana is a big Elvis fan

  • What’s it like being Ash for one day? Take us through a typical day.

Get up. Go in the shower, and go for the occasional run. If I am at work I’ll be there normally from 5pm till 9pm if not either pushing My Route To Help or playing pool with friends.

  • What city and Country do you live in?

Carlisle, England (9 miles from Scotland)

  • What is your superpower?

Energy. Always have energy to do things no matter how tired I am.

  • Who would you say is a person you admire, and why? (dead or alive)

Steven Gerrard. Liverpool FC Captain. He is motivational, a leader and never gives up. I hope to develop similar traits when I am older in my own career

  • What are your current living arrangements and who may live there also?

Live in a small 2 bedroom house with my parents

  • What is your greatest passion and what is your favourite hobby?

Greatest passion is football (soccer) watch it all the time no matter who is playing. Big love for the game. Favourite hobby is either fitness or website building.

  • Favourite colour and author (you can use me LOL)

Favourite colour is orange, I don’t have a favourite author. I tend to read auto-biographies

  • What music do you like?

I am into heavy metal music there is a lot more talent that goes into a group of 5 than one person who can just sing the same old pop songs.

  • What age RANGE are you?

21-30? Early stages of being a man!

  • Do you have a career? What is it?

Not at the moment, working in retail which I have done for 5 years now. Aspirations to join the Police in the UK as I have finished my university course in Policing.

  • Do you consider yourself a workaholic? Or laid back?

Laid back but ambitious. I work hard and I am dedicated but I am a very laid back person!
How did you find the career I hope you like, or don’t like?

  • What are the details surrounding the creation of MRTH?

I created MRTH as a project to do over the summer of 2011. It was going to be a blog about my experiences volunteering within the drug and alcohol services in the UK, which was a part of my university course. However it evolved. I started getting people contacting me to share their own stories which I allowed then I started looking for contributors which made the website grow even more. Because I come from a non addiction background its better for me to write about drugs themselves in technical terms but I have no knowledge of addiction hence why the sharing of stories and contributing helps the website go the extra mile.

  • How old is MRTH?

It’s just over 13 months old now. Still in baby years for the website with over 82,000 page hits!
How many articles to date have been written from readers and members?
126 at present but this is growing and growing. 60 of them are by myself.

  • Do you have a newsletter?

No, I use Facebook/Twitter to contact fans and followers of the website.

  • Where do you see MRTH headed?

I hope to see it being the best place to share stories of addiction to inspire others. Along with having valuable knowledge from contributors with experience or work within the addiction field.

  • Are there any operative challenges right now, ie; admin, video, profile page with photo and befriend button? etc. or do you prefer to keep it simple?

Prefer to keep it simple.

  • Who conceptually started MRTH? Is MRTH reaching or offering help to everyone or rather anyone?

Not so much of helping people but to educatepeople. To understand the drugs they are taking. Understanding addiction and to gain motivation reading stories of peoples success stories.

  • Who runs MRTH and maintains it? Is there more than one person?

At the minute it is just me. More it grows I will be looking for people to help out when that time comes

  • What, and this could be anything, with a magic wand would you have this site do?

To make it the most hit drug addiction website in the world supplying knowledge to everyone.

  • Who are your primary readers and what age and geographic are?

At present its 18-30 year olds in the UK, USA and Canada mainly with 46% women and 54% male.

  • Are your readers loyal, are there many?

Very loyal, always come back to either submit more content or comment on new content by other people which is supportive. With over 415 likes on Facebook now and 1,500 followers on twitter is positive and hoping to grow in the future.

  • Ash, please feel free to leave your members and readers with a message


Thank you for the support over the past 13 months. It has grown because of your input, as small as sharing the website it is helping, which I am very grateful for.

Will you consider participating in the education surrounding addictions and families?



I’m trying to find out how to write like me

My life as a white, female drug dealer, with all the elements excluding the audiobook which will take a little longer to complete.

First the Novel‘s trailor in video;

VIDEO for novel promo

Revised Cover

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  This novel is far more than a story about a drug dealer.  It is delivered however by it’s core context through the eyes of a girl named ‘SKY’ who sadly is also an addict.  She kindly let’s us accompany her along her journey to the gates of insanity due to drugs, no direction as a child, a desperate search to be loved, trying to feel normal, when violence never left her life since the age of 8.

Amazing to be alive today, she hopes sharing her chaos and consequences may touch someone who needs to know they are not alone and there is hope.  We all have a story, and when we share a little bit of ourselves we never know who, but almost always help someone else.  She thought she never had a chance.  And look at her today, no known explanation, but she is sharing her story as hard as it may be.  She is learning that writing is very healing.  She has just begun.

Some Reviews;

What an amazing story … I saw the size of you … and couldn’t help wondering how unbelievably strong, brave, courageous and determined you were to stay alive despite all of what happened to you! I am truly in awe of you? You are a true survivor!  I agree that there is a reason why you were able to survive all of what happened to you … your book is the first step.
I so enjoyed reading it … once I got a chance to start … I could not put it down.
Absolutely, you need to share your story in the high schools … and I urge you to make contact with CAMH as I know that they welcome clients to share their stories on many levels.  I think your idea to bring it to the high schools where you get to address the “youth” is a must do.  Think of how many teenagers you can reach … girls that may have experienced or are experiencing what you did … by telling your story you will encourage young girls to speak out against rape and/or any other criminal behaviour towards them!  It will also make teenage boys think twice and/or be more aware of how unacceptable that kind of criminal behaviour is unacceptable and “girls” will speak out against them to prevent others from being hurt – and that there are consequences.  (The same goes for any boys that may have been invaded in the same way.)
THANK YOU for sharing your story with me … my “food addiction” and “unemployment status” in comparison with what you have endured in your life since the age of 8 … helped me to get a better focus on my life … I have lived in a “glass house”.  I am grateful especially for the richness I have stemming from family (my backbone) and friends.
You are an amazing woman …
I will pass your book along
  • Anonymous
As I read this, I wanted to jump right into the story and help this lost child. Well written. I will be looking forward to the next chapter.
  • Anonymous

Where to begin? This book is both compelling and shocking. The author pulls no punches and takes the reader on a journey; an honest, brutal journey which examines the nature of drug addiction and mental illness. Rarely have I come across a book which is thought-provoking, tragic, violent, uplifting and educational…all at the same time.

Frankly, not only was I unable to put this book down, I was also unable to stop thinking about its content for several days after reading it. If you only buy one book this year, make sure it’s “My life as a white, female drug dealer.” Not only is it the most important book this year so far, it will change your perspective about the life of an addict, forever.

The rest of reviews and available in eBook format and softcover format can be found on facebook, amazon, smashwords, LuLu and createspace, then also distributed for sale at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, apple, Diesel, kindle, etc.
I hope I have included what needs to be said, in this one post finally!  Thank you for your patience as the scattered newbie in me is trying to find my voice.
Two poetry books of a series are also available just the same as above.
I MUST add, all graphics and the execution of this video were designed and formatted by Chris Harrison, Creative Director.
Thank you and have a safe 24!
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rehab I say no no no


Whatever any of us feel we have to do to escape, seems great, until it becomes our reality and there is absolutely nothing else. ≈ kathy nation

I may have an opinion or two……..

Rehab. I may have visited a few, played at some, related with others, enjoyed a handful, seen many, spent much, discharged from a couple, liked a lot, yet mostly, consistently could guarantee I would enter yet still another.

Rehab. No No No, meant, here we Go Go Go.

I have been through 15 rehabs here in Canada and mostly throughout various states in the US. Why? I have the disease.

I am referring to the disease of drug and alcohol addiction, often married with a form of mental illness

What do I know? Well, with rehabilitation and treatment recovery, what I do know, I know a lot.

My recovery journey began, oddly enough, at the same time I started using. I was 14 when I entered my first, second and third rehab back to back. Juvenile lock up in three states and arrived back home just shy of 17 years of age. Too young for rehab and what I refer to as boot camp style treatment.

24 years of using, came with 24 years in and out of various facilities and forms of treatment attempting to get clean, and stay clean.

An snapshot of these facilities include;

multiple hospital admissions, repeated detox centers, 15 rehab facilities all in different nature, addiction counselors, juvenile lock up long term treatment 6 months +, combination total of approx 3 years in psychiatric wards, sober living houses, brain scans for answers, emergency room visits for overdosing and other organs shutting down, 5 year methadone for heroin maintenance program, sober retreats, interviews, psychiatrists and therapists, safe houses, shelters, harm reduction cocaine program, needle exchange and counseling, community centers, addiction centre courses, treatment out patient aftercare, long-term rehab, multiple, thousands of AA, CA, NA meeting in 3 countries and hundreds of cities, scared straight in correctional Institutions programs. Program Recovery

Ok, lets go……

This has personally been difficult to write. Mostly due to the fact it is challenging to explain to you what I know about rehab without the reasons why attended so many institutions.

I will leave you with this. I attended so many places for help because I needed to. Some of us just take longer to get it than others.

My addiction history and drug education hubs are listed at the bottom should there be any interest. I’ll leave it there.

I will tell you this with absolute certainty. This is the most important element of rehab or treatment you can learn today.

If you are not there for yourself, and only yourself, it won’t work, you will not stay clean. Don’t even try. I respectfully tell those who aren’t ready to get back out there and hit it until they’ve had enough and want to get better for themselves. For now, leave the beds for those who are ready. And that bed for you will be here waiting.

There are those that argue, whatever it takes to get you into rehab, who cares, as long as you just get there.

My experience repeatedly knows this makes no difference, once your there, you will not be open to a new way of thinking if not ready. So why waste your time until you are?

Hence why rehab is voluntary. Forced rehab does not exist and for this reason I also have lived through and disagree strongly to Interventions.

As addicts and alcoholics, we must want it so bad, we are prepared to do anything to change our ways. Our ways and best thinking continually kept us stoned or drunk. We must be willing to surrender and admit we are powerless over this disease.

So, you’ve researched which rehab your comfortable with. Talk to them, ask them every question you have, and keep calling until you feel sure. Second key factor in going to rehab is feeling safe. It’s scary enough entering a new establishment, knowing no one and being straight. You must feel safe enough that it is a place you can begin to heal. Not to mention live for the next 30, 60, or 90 days.

What are they offering? What is their approach to treatment i.e.; 12 step program, religious approach, therapy driven meetings, how many patients / clients are there? How many staff? What’s their success rate? When can you be admitted? What pre-admission requirements are there? Do they have aftercare? Long term options? Is it co-Ed? Are psychiatric medications allowed? How are they administered? What is offered for fitness and recreation?

You may ask them for a copy of their weekly itinerary and group subjects to understand the program a bit better. Truth is you have to be there to make an opinion. Try not to make an opinion until you’ve been there a while.

Before we head off to never ever land, there’s the primary deciding factor=cash. See up here in Canada we don’t have to pay, but we often have to wait. Out of the 15 rehabs I have attended 10 were throughout the US regardless. Cash talks. Same day admittance just needed a flight.


The price of your rehab I will not say determines the quality of care you get, but most often does effect, the environment you will be living.

I have had attended $3,000/day rehabs in paradise to a Canadian equivalence in total of about $5,000. There are so many kinds of rehabs, be rest-assured there is one for you too.

In a nutshell, the US, we can confidently break treatment and rehab in three categories most will stress as recovery priorities. I have been to many in all three sectors.

Eastern US will focus on the 12 step program and the importance of service, or getting involved with your sober community.

The entire south will focus entirely on the importance of a higher power, or God as we may understand him. From those roots the spiritual path begins the 12 step Journey.

West Coast unites in the importance of health as a main factor in recovery. Body, Mind and Soul. Eating healthy, exercising, importance of meditation and therapy, yoga and acupuncture are guaranteed to be part of the curriculum here, and often.

Then what happens?

Exactly. Now what are you suppose to do?

You’ve just completed 30, 60 or 90 days in rehab and suddenly do not have the support of other newly recovering addicts, counselors, nor the protection of being in a facility you know there are no drugs or temptations and lived free from a life you needed to flee from.

You no longer have the structure of support groups and professionals helping you gather information.

You know no one else in recovery and are terrified you will use.

So what you do is actually simple as much as it is difficult.

YOU DON’T PICK UP NO MATTER WHAT! Put a sign somewhere you are often at in your home that reads; UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I USE TODAY.

Stay in today. Like the t-shirt One day at a time. Yesterday you cannot change, tomorrow is unpredictable. Find serenity in knowing you only have to worry about today.

Start finding a support group immediately. This means attending 12 step meetings, appropriate to your addiction, raising your hand stating you just got out of rehab and need phone numbers for support. You will receive probably everyone. Use these numbers even to touch base with one other addict in recovery each day.

Do not be alone. If you need your place swept for drugs and paraphernalia, use one of the numbers to ask for help doing this. It can take you right back out if you do it alone because of this.

You may have 30 days under your belt, but you are now in the real world, and addictions are more powerful than ourselves and will take over should we let them. This is not about willpower or making the decision to stop.

If you have the disease of alcoholism and addiction, know it is progressive even when you are not using.

This is why so many heroin addicts die when they relapse due to the fact they use, right away the same quantity they use to, and overdose because the body shuts down.

Recap-don’t be alone as much as possible, under no circumstances pick up, speak to a temporary or full time sponsor everyday.

It is often suggested you attend 90 meetings in 90 days once you have left rehab. In my opinion I think this is smart and leads to my next point by getting involved in a 12 step program, and building relationships with those in recovery, with people in those rooms.

Use the relapse prevention tools learned in rehab. Set goals and immediately ask someone of the same sex to be a temporary sponsor until you can decide on who you want as a full time sponsor.

don’t pick up >>>>>>>>talk to another sober person daily>>>>>>>>>go to meetings daily for 90 days>>>>>>>>>>>as strange as everything feels, and I do understand, it does get better. Just do these few things everyday, many include prayer and meditation, and before you know it you will have a support system and have made friends all by talking to other addicts in recovery, and BAM you receive;

freedom from self.

Mental cravings begin to decrease, physically your feeling better and growing some faith that you might just be able to do this.

Rehab was your means to gain some tools and stop using. Now one day at a time you learn, grow, begin to live sober and start to feel real emotions only to discover you can cope, through anything, drug free. Spiritually you will be gifted with a greater understanding that there is a power greater than yourself and you will find true gratitude and humility.

Ultimately, guess what, you will discover happiness, serenity and amazingly, freedom.

Rehab? I say Yes Yes Yes 🙂 Good Luck it’s a trip at best. Besides you have a better solution? What do you have to loose? Nothing.


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Rehab I said no no no

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  Well Done! 
by: Debbie Wicker

What a great summary of Rehab, thanks for all of your information and insight. I’m sure many will be helped by your story and explanation of all of the different types of Rehab and therapy.

So glad to hear that after all of those rehabs and different therapies the combination finally worked for you.

We are all unique and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. I also agree with you that if a person keeps trying they will discover what therapy will work for them.

You are so right what does the addict have to loose, nothing!

Blogging in the dark!!!!!!

Seems only fitting since I anxiously published my third book this week that being a novel.  This time excited at the prospect I have softcover versions, E books and a video and audiobook in progress.  Very impressive?

Ya right, I feel like a fart in a windstorm, as my recently deceased father would say.

I have been researching for 4 days how an independently published author approaches new book promotions and frankly I have deflated before even starting.

I have truly a vast and simple means of step by step portholes to help publish my book.  Truth is I haven’t even rejoiced in my accomplishment being weighed down so much by “The List”
How can the simplest of mundane and repetitive steps feel so overwhelming when I do indeed want and need to promote my latest book?
This for me is much harder than writing the book.  I keep asking myself why and I’m pretty sure that my feelings are correct.
I am actually shy and insecure to keep writing all these positive, inviting, descriptive, and ever changing posts about myself.  Therefore I freeze.  Even with all my answers organized and living beneath my fingertips.
Having said that, and thank you for letting mr rant my first step is refining and exposing my book on the proper links which I am going too attempt now.
So here will be the first place I will……….
BTW talk about me getting all my ducks in a row,  I would be quite happy if I could just get them to all be in the same pond.
OK here we go
My first Novel, My life as a white, female drug dealer is far from being just a book about dealing.  Our character sky allows us to participate in an addicts  journey many have not known.  She, while some disagreeing, triumphs over challenges which hold all odds against her.  She is a survivor!
All ebooks are at smashwords
all softcover at createspace
Also books available on Amazon
My website is just being built to support other authors www.kimberlyswritings.com
I must push forward.  Well, after a good sleep and conquer promotions which I just know I can?
Kimberlyslyrics on hubpages
Ans Sunnie Day who has teally helped me with such a beautiful blog
My social networking sites can also be found on smashwords
thank you whew! I really needed that rant…..



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