An Artist’s Life


Child and artists are all the same
Not a soul ever to blame

Every second of life a greatest majesty
Every nuance a secret life’s key

Such clarity a vision of absolute joy
All the same, each girl and boy

They step into the future without reservation
Untarnished for a moment, attuned to observation

For it all leads to torment
As the world seems to forment

A mind full of doubt
An endless question of “what’s it all about”

We’re told, each and all, to totally succumb
Demanded our life to be as someone

They say all simple things we most now just ignore
All those simple feelings we so lovingly adore

We’re taught to sit straight and be only just quiet
While we’re demanded to shush and only just buy it

Never just once did anyone ask
If we could choose a loving life’s task

Told to “grow up” and “just get a job”
Those little fresh faces turned to door knobs

Yet, for a precious brave few
Simple wouldn’t leave, stuck as if glued

They continued as told all through the long years
Never understanding why always in tears

They find a profound comfort in all of life’s details
Forever in love of mysterious new trails

Yet even fewer yet, find their way back to their youth
And become that pure child, forever aloof

But then a purity occurs
And a lifetime of cures

All combine as a new sense
To see life majestic and never past tense

To see life as that child
Yet bear passions wild

To explore right and wrong
To paint a sweet song

For sometimes the world needs
A simple vision as seeds

And maybe this artist can end much indecision
That life is a gift to relish without remission

That living one’s life should never be tearful
So pay heed, my friend, as I paint a grand earful

I only want to join you in a child’s life so bountiful…


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