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Unbridled Failure

He goes by the writer; echoe0021

I try to cry, but the tears

won’t fall from my eyes.

I try to breathe, but my breath

is failing to find its life.

I try to find a way to

present this torrent of emotion

building inside. Fail, simple

failure is all that will rise.

I try to love, but all’s

empty embrace grasping the air.

I try to see, but my eyes

fail in attempt, seeing only bones bare.

Charred and dismayed, hollow

they break so faulty and frail,

flawed in each and every way. Fail

simple failure is all that prevails.

I try to live, but death’s stare

is so unforgiving; he rarely blinks.

I try to pay no mind, but thoughts

never ceasing, always racing.

I try to find that peace of mind

so romanticized, glorified by

philosophers throughout time. Fail,

simple failure is all I find.

I try; I succeed in failing to find peace of mind, my art, my love, my life in this time. Fail, simple failure found in the art of trying, Success, as I have lived throughout my attempts at life.


You Make Me Laugh


You as in Me

Yes I make myself laugh. I may add quite often, quite hard and for long periods of time. I think I am hilarious.

Not in the telling a funny joke way, actually I never get jokes. But in a OMG kinda way. Difficult to explain and I so wish I was a writer to articulate my funniness or humor suppose is a more classy term. I’m all about class, oozes from me. Yep classy natural humor.

Thank goodness I find myself funny, most don’t. They think I am serious or weird or just don’t understand me, until of course, they get to know me.

That’s when the laughter is expected. Primarily from me. I am trying to think of some examples to demonstrate my hilarious demeanor.

I reckon the Three Musketeers are all doing poems in some fancy uptight format or version? I bet they are not expecting one from me about me [zip it]. Please do not be alarmed that I am talking to myself, I am kinda stuck doing so since ‘You’ [me] make me laugh is written to, about, for, from, well, me.

Well I made up my mind since my minds world got me started. It gave me permission to publicly make an ass of myself. Doing so by demonstrating examples of my imagination as I laughed at myself. I say it must continue here, My imagination makes me laugh. It’s Saturday 3;30 pm and here’s what I’m thinking *giggles*

May I add that Imagination is said to be intelligence having fun. I like that. If I could just invent some intelligence, or where can you buy it? Please advise if you can………

Hope you guessed by now what makes me laugh is my own imagination. Good thing people can read my mind cause imagine if they couldn’t

Let’s imagine if…….

  • I had an imagination
  • siamese twins were formerly joined at the lips
  • spin the bottle could only be played by schizophrenics
  • there was a medical devise for reshaping the tongue
  • men used portable urinals-remembering to shake
  • that blondey was my daughter
  • we gave out free earplugs to elephants
  • all hot married men had single twin brothers
  • if I wasn’t so funny
  • if I understood what PSYCHOANALYTICAL meant

And imagine if……….

  • sligobay owned HubPages
  • babies and elders didn’t poop their pants but the rest of us did
  • the dictionary was funny
  • Harvey Stelman was Jewish
  • TH slept just even once
  • bbnix had a drivers licence
  • Always Exploring discovered another side to the globe
  • we could follow ourselves and leave awesome fan mail
  • could buy accolades or trade like hockey cards
  • No one had hair except misha and earnesthub

And imagine if…………….

  • we could be immature forever
  • we could eat right from our screens all of Cardisa food
  • cagsil was a person in real life
  • mythbuster had a big nose
  • OMG if I was not so smokin hot
  • The Pink Umbrella wore all black
  • prey bit me, again
  • if I was a writer
  • all recipes were interactive
  • school principles were not allowed to use their intercoms

And imagine if…………….

  • it was impossible to be famous
  • you could induce an instant orgasm by scratching your head
  • you could create itchy dandruff
  • politicians didn’t have artificial hearts
  • parrots could only curse and swear
  • OMG I wasn’t so self-consumed
  • if men wen’t so confusing in bed
  • you could eat your tickles
  • I won some talent
  • our bums were always exposed

And imagine if…………….

  • burkas were made of leather
  • I could be of sound mind, and have volume controls
  • Visa was a gift with each bible redeemable at any fast food restaurant
  • the sound of dogs barks were farts and their farts made a bark
  • if I was born a day earlier, how different my life might have been
  • if we all would think alike – bet there would be a lot less humour
  • if we never once had to get up in the morning
  • a new pair of shoes came with every supersize meal
  • SomewayOuttaHere learned to be cool and ride motorcycles
  • the world all became Canadian citizens

And imagine if…………….

  • lineups were illegal
  • I had boobies
  • or was the face on the hundred dollar bill
  • Heaven was at the pick up counter in Starbucks
  • I wasn’t long-winded
  • Police wore tighter pants by 2 sizes
  • the most elite golf courses in the world were in the bronx
  • the duration of pregnancy was 3 hours, 4 with twins
  • only truck drivers had emotions
  • cure for hangovers were somersaults

And imagine if…………….

  • HubPages entire system crashed from an overload of too frequent too many avatar changes
  • those scam inheritance emails were real
  • you could make money writing
  • gambling was mandatory for all citizens until the age of 21
  • Paul Deeds wrote a 2nd hub
  • Paul Deeds bought each Hubber a racehorse of their choice
  • Paul Deeds took me out on the ever waiting date in Bermuda
  • a 6 pack really had 7 and the 7th was free
  • there was a huge black market for buying and selling hubs using bookies as they would know how to stay under duplicate content regulations
  • if I kept going ……………………..

laugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laughlaugh laugh laugh

Trick for increasing word count super fast, just kidding Team, I just couldn’t stop laughing, suppose once again, my own fault…….. onto logistics – now that’s funny

Yep, another lame challenge for me [won 3 of 4 so far, and so what if I’m the judge-believe me I’m really hard on myself] and blondey and an Irish lad namely sligobay, oops and bbnix. Bbnix had to pick the topic of this weeks challenge, which we had a week to do 😦 and he chose ‘what makes you laugh’.

Now I am loving these challenges, primarily because it helps me with a hub topic once a week for my 60/60 [plug] and of course makes me feel a part of our community, well a bit cause blondey as far as I am concerned is our community.

As each hub is published I will be providing a link below, why, I don’t know. But I am told as I do, and I do.

I am most looking forward about this challenge because it’s about me [ah Kim so were two others, if not all of them?] And yes I am aware I am talking to myself.

Thank you for playing.

comment that made me pee and laugh the hardest;

mckbirdbks 2 hours ago

Hugh Hefner daybook entry: Call Kimberly – ‘double the offer’


I will conceive tonight


I will conceive tonight!

Can’t wait to conceive tonight

Cause it’s for sure tonight I will

No pain, no wait, no mess

Only a quick prick, and a machine test

Eggs picked under glass

Extracted from my feminist

I’m going to conceive tonight

At first I didn’t run

I only wanted to cut it

I started talking strange

I could only smell change

Here I go bareback again

There I was ready to explode

I’m going to conceive tonight

Tonight I am going to conceive

It’s in the cards, not the deck

Medical miracles fill my dreams

When dreams are not medical

Chances are

3 hours until I conceive

Original by tubes of men

Men in white coats with latex gloves

I will conceive tonight

I’m not a bad girl

My friends are the bad girls

Without you I can’t tell

Anybody’s luck tomorrow

Mine will be at a party

Unpublished my confession

I can’t explain but I will

The right belongs to me

Give me something to remember

I just dropped my keys

I will conceive tonight

Sometimes I feel good

Sometimes I feel used

You took more than a fool

I’m a big girl, can handle myself

I just need, need you to disappear

I keep tripping on you

Got to, have to, want to, need to

Conceive tonight I will

In a non-artificial way

Choices are made to proceed

My daughter is waiting in a PEZ dispenser

Artificial capsule not pleased

Soon to be baking

Smile, funny how things change

Not much money in my pocket

Left none at home

Like a drifter I was meant to be alone

I heard the highways bite

I’ve cried in my darkest hours

People watched, watched, watched

I will conceive tonight

Tonight I will conceive

I have no crystal ball so I know

Is this really the only road?

I have never known

After all I survived, made it

Just as wished

I conceived tonight

Tonight I conceived

Inseminated and elated

Cause my body stays vicious

Wild and dangerous



Gift Shopping Ideas for her online

Can you come and play

A glass of wine between us

nothing more,

dim the lights

and lock the door

fingers bristle, brings

a clenched teeth tickle
Can you come and play

receive my gentle bites

your fists gripped tight

spend the night

A glass of wine between us

nothing more

Can you come and play

We’ll raise those beads of sweat

then when it’s time to let

your hair down, to flow about your

neck, and whisper we’re not done yet

Can you come and play

A glass of wine between us

nothing more,

our clothes lay, about the floor

and tender hands

stroke your thighs, and

await the music in your eyes


Emerald Wells Cafe.


Or this: I Should Have Died For My Country

War on Drugs!

I ain’t Black



Stop laughing, gotta try, or would you prefer we have you sing country whoa ooooo low, okay here i go, fast and straight trough.

by the way how many white middle aged women do you think rap well. screw you keep laughing gimme that snare lets spin, Action i be making you thinking your white, ha

go 5 6 7

STOP, ya just like dat. Here to rap on african drums two will tap. like it like dat.
Hear me out And hear what i’z rappin bout My message don’t know doubt I don’t have to think bout chu Because what I’m bout to do Will spin you all around Yeh, ha, what a sound
Feel dat? Yah, me too move wit dat, mm uh hu me dee mat
I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got me back Baby get my back My back, ya like dat, mmmm m mmm
Weed smoke lingures inside And I’m still fuckin high A river runnin thru my veins My neck sporting gold chains If I said I’d change dat’s just another lie Somebody tell me why
Pinch me Iz smilin Got scared I was cryin Chant your name Fool yuz my game Walk wit a wistle Cuz on my left hip is my pistol Already did what fed my cause Got da cash to keep my buzz from the streets that gave me 3 bullet holes Part of livin poor defendin your gangs goal
Ya alright i’m gunna give it gunna give it gunna give it
I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back

My rhymes got my back Baby get my back I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back
I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back I ain’t black But my rhymes got my bacl My rhymes got my back Baby get my back
Moved to in a huge crib Servants, a studio i’z live You best believe me paid large Toys and Fans everyone here has a charge Living my life in a slow hell Who speaks truth can’t tell Been fuelin up on cocaine and whiskey Can’t think of one, one who misses me Stop, ok back movin, real loud, you and we Anoder gig liftin me to fame Notin real, no faces lookin the same I was off to drink it all away Then i seen you front centre, yo, hey
I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back
Ya alright i’m gunna give it gunna give it gunna give it
You played me for a fool Careful tink, uh not cool Sleeping in another hotel What city I can’t tell
I think about this thunder Cause hours I sit and wonder Alone I’m sick of the same old Titties bouncing round and round Thinkin I am my sound Twins always game on tour Shit, keep comin just another whore Went back to see my old hood Couldn’t go back now where I stood Growing up on crack Who’s got their back Kids dying every day Gangs revenge their way Here I am singin words again Here I am ready for danger Here I go time to pretend you figure out this stranger Horny for threats of more danger Along with my fame Comin a silent game

It’s, It’s, It’s, me, a known name There’s a lot more to see On the other side of me Hey dig dig dig down deep
Can you can you see me leap This is what its livin from my soul Country, rap and rock and roll Different girl every night All pretty, slaves, and tight Gotta play a tiny little bit Who could resist that cl** stop, peak wit me, ya just like that, move feeling dis my own rap I’m gone, signing soon I will be A rappin back in front ya ya all me Perform, creatin a storm, nothin norm No protection lovin dis storm
Ya alright i’m gunna give it gunna give it gunna give it
I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back I ain’t black But my rhymes got my back My rhymes got my back Baby get my back
Ya alright i’m gunna give it gunna give it gunna give it
I ain’t black, ha, oh boy, no, just ain’t black But my skin color won’t stop me gettin you back Nah, man I ain’t black And we goin show bein white Can rap as well or better, A duel we will compete, live right? Fool I care less you be black or who Cause baby, me’s do ya, got your back
Peace be with you.
cut. print it, no playback, or we’ll never leave, I’m done, I’m wet from the fun, ha, same old goodnight BillY, until tomorrow, get some rest pretty a fact.
BillY, I got your Back.
woahhhhhh shit that was fun

coolest set ever for me

but Action baby, the mic’s yours, but still got mine, watch how i make you shine

Thank you, Certainly not my familiar genre, but love recording this style, it allows me so much room to explore. If I don’t have fun risking or creating, best start studying Dentistry. Oh My, Thankfully I love to sing.

Give me the woman in you


Your silhouette

I gaze on a gray

canvas dream

You my love

are here to die

You must embrace

The lust in my bite

Your fears must fade

Knowing your fate

Be with me now

Give me the woman

I know you love in me

The curse of tonight

Comes with desire

And new experience

We will be together

Hours for long

Personal new change

If you let go

Relax and escape

Feed my addiction

Ease my hunger

Trust nothing

Giving you the thrill

Of the unknown

Give to me your last

Mortal ecstasy trial

As I will turn you

I want to be with you

Immortal I will create

I will be your last

To only be your first

Now then Enough

No more Questions

Show me your answers

And give to me

Hello and





An Artist’s Life


Child and artists are all the same
Not a soul ever to blame

Every second of life a greatest majesty
Every nuance a secret life’s key

Such clarity a vision of absolute joy
All the same, each girl and boy

They step into the future without reservation
Untarnished for a moment, attuned to observation

For it all leads to torment
As the world seems to forment

A mind full of doubt
An endless question of “what’s it all about”

We’re told, each and all, to totally succumb
Demanded our life to be as someone

They say all simple things we most now just ignore
All those simple feelings we so lovingly adore

We’re taught to sit straight and be only just quiet
While we’re demanded to shush and only just buy it

Never just once did anyone ask
If we could choose a loving life’s task

Told to “grow up” and “just get a job”
Those little fresh faces turned to door knobs

Yet, for a precious brave few
Simple wouldn’t leave, stuck as if glued

They continued as told all through the long years
Never understanding why always in tears

They find a profound comfort in all of life’s details
Forever in love of mysterious new trails

Yet even fewer yet, find their way back to their youth
And become that pure child, forever aloof

But then a purity occurs
And a lifetime of cures

All combine as a new sense
To see life majestic and never past tense

To see life as that child
Yet bear passions wild

To explore right and wrong
To paint a sweet song

For sometimes the world needs
A simple vision as seeds

And maybe this artist can end much indecision
That life is a gift to relish without remission

That living one’s life should never be tearful
So pay heed, my friend, as I paint a grand earful

I only want to join you in a child’s life so bountiful…

Yes Yes Oh Yes

Yes, Yes, Don’t Move


Yes, Yes, Don’t Move


Honey, come on I’m scared

You promised you’d go slow

And stop when I need a break

Your going to have to go deep below


Okay, at least let me get used to it

The feeling that is, I am so sensitive there

Ouch, see, what’s the matter with me

I have to relax, let go, and if be, tear


Oh Ya, that’s good

Now do not move

Keep still, until

it feels really smooth


Maybe we should get it wetter

Make me softer still

It’s your call

I just want it to fill


Oh my god, what are you doing

I felt a bit of release

Nope, not enough

Keep on going please


Now I’m ready, keep moving

Give me the strength

and don’t grab a hold

Till you enter, the entire length


I can’t believe how good this feels

Compared to before

Baby I swear

It’s you, I completely adore


Thank you for taking control baby

I was lost on my own

Every time, with each attempt

I just ended up a mess, I had blown


There, you got it

I can just tell

Now when you pull

Don’t loose it, if I yell

Oh, Oh, Okay, Now, PULL, Baby PULL


FASTER, HURRY, hurry come on, now! Your making me shiver


Thank you, that was awful, I just hated that sliver


This was my Tuesday, just FYI 🙂

Oddly, I am anxious for Wednesday, huh? O Well!!!



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